Vancouver & the Sunshine Coast

Serving as Canada’s primary port on the West Coast, Vancouver is clean, safe, thoroughly cosmopolitan, and well served by many marinas with ample public transportation. Its trademark reach-for-the-sky architecture serves as the backdrop for its wonderful parks, museums, hotels, and dining. When you’re ready to get out of the fast lane, the Sunshine Coast is directly north of the city, stretching from Howe Sound up to Jervis Inlet. Take your pick in Howe Sound from delightful destinations with boutiques, bars, cafes, farmers markets, and good eats. Continuing north, population is sparse until you reach top destinations like Pender Harbour and Lund. Jervis Inlet leads to the unparalleled beauty of Princess Louisa Marine Park.

Top Destinations

White Rock to Vancouver

Boundary Bay • Fraser River • Steveston

Vancouver & Howe Sound

False Creek • Vancouver Harbour • Indian Arm • Horseshoe Bay • Gibsons

Gower Point to Sechelt Inlet

Buccaneer Bay • Smuggler Cove • Secret Cove • Pender Harbour • Egmont • Sechelt Rapids • Sechelt

Jervis Inlet

Blind Bay • Ballet Bay • Hotham Sound • Jervis Inlet • Princess Louisa Inlet

Malaspina Strait to Sarah Point

Grief Point • Westview • Lund • Copeland Islands

Plan Out Your Trip

Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast are fully covered in the latest Waggoner Cruising Guide. It provides all you need about marinas, anchorages, passages, and attractions. Plan your day’s route with the guide’s detailed planning maps. Get your copy of the Waggoner Cruising Guide book!

Plus, there’s more to help you plan a great cruise around Vancouver and along the Sunshine Coast. Read on…

2022 Canada Day July 1 Celebrations

2022 Canada Day July 1 Celebrations

Originally known as Dominion Day, Canadians will be celebrating Canada Day on July 1, commemorating the creation of Canada, when its initial four provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia were united into a single Dominion within the British Empire...

Adventuring to Princess Louisa Inlet

Adventuring to Princess Louisa Inlet

“We enjoyed boating together from the beginning.” They met at a Junior Yacht Club,  Jim was the Commodore and Betty was the Secretary. Betty started sailing around eleven years old on small Sabots in Alamitos Bay. In her early high school years, Betty raced an 8-foot...

Take a Ride on Vancouver’s Aquabus Ferry

Take a Ride on Vancouver’s Aquabus Ferry

You see them zipping around False Creek.Colorful and enthusiastic, these vibrant ferries hustle along their water route with a zest for adventure as they deliver riders from one location to the next.With 13 vessels, an Aquabus Ferry takes tourists and...

Princess Louisa Inlet for the Next Generation of Boaters

Princess Louisa Inlet for the Next Generation of Boaters

Princess Louisa Inlet is one of the most beloved destinations in British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, visited by enthusiastic boaters each year. Chatterbox Falls, at the head of the Inlet, cascades down sheer granite cliffs that tower thousands of feet over...

New Transient Moorage in Pender Harbour

New Transient Moorage in Pender Harbour

After spending several nights in Pender Harbour and making the rounds by dinghy, we are happy to report that boaters now have more options for transient moorage. What's New in Pender Harbour? The Coho Marina & RV Resort in Gerrans Bay recently...

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