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Desolation Sound and Discovery Islands map.

Coming Soon! Desolation Sound and Broughton Islands Planning Maps from Ports and Passes

By popular demand, Kevin Monahan, author of Local Knowledge and Editor of the Ports and Passes Tides and Currents guide, has developed two new maps for cruising boaters, kayakers, and sportsman. The two maps are; Desolation Sound and Discovery Islands, and Broughton Islands and Mainland Inlets. Coming Soon!! Desolation Sound and Broughton Islands Planning Maps It’s more than a map! On…


Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) – What’s New and What’s Unchanged?

This second in a series of articles about the new 2018 Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permit provides both additional information about the program and answers questions from the first Waggoner eNews article. Aquatic Invasive Species – What’s New and What’s Unchanged? In our first article, we reported the new Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permits required…


A Handy Strap & Wrap for Your Binoculars

I think this is another clever idea, a strap that doubles as a case for your binoculars. On my boat, the binoculars and the case are very rarely ever together.  The Miggo Strap & Wrap is made of light, high quality, impact-resistant neoprene Lycra fabric. It comes in two colors black with a touch of…

Roche Harbor Marina on San Juan Island.

The Eternal Attraction of Roche Harbor

Boaters return again and again to Roche Harbor, and it doesn’t take long to understand why. The services are great, and there is so much to see and do. You can walk around the historic limestone kilns; hike the trails to the quarries above the marina; visit the historic Company Store and historic Hotel de…

Westcott Bay Shellfish Farm in British Columbia.

Westcott Bay: A Destination for Oyster Lovers

Large, scenic Westcott Bay offers a consistent flat bottom for anchoring with moderate protection. It’s a lovely spot that can accommodate a large number of boats. Like us, most boaters come here to take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Westcott Bay Shellfish Co. farm. Boaters can tie-up at the farm’s dinghy dock (bow-tie…


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