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Indian Reserve "Respect Our Land" sign in British Columbia.

Indian Reserve Lands on the BC Coast

When navigating the BC Coast, boaters often see “IR” or the words “Indian Reserve” on charts. Many wonder what this designation means, as there may, or may not be, evidence of habitation. What is an Indian Reserve? Indian Reserve (IR) are tracts of land set aside under the Indian Act and treaty agreements for the…

Best toilet paper for your boat.

The Best Toilet Paper For Your Boat

According to a recent study by Charmin, the average consumer uses 8.6 sheets per trip to the washroom, that’s a total of 57 sheets per day with a typical roll lasting five days. A marine head can be a finicky thing, and more than one has fallen prey to a simple piece of toilet paper. Nowadays…

2019 Waggoner Cruising Guide

2019 Waggoner Cruising Guide: Putting Research to Print

The end of the summer marks a busy time for the Waggoner Guide team as we begin the editorial process for the next edition of the Waggoner Cruising Guide. This process has many aspects, including gathering all of our important updates from editor Mark Bunzel, Lorena and Leonard Landon, and our Waggoner Guide correspondents who…

Republic of Tea Get Clean Tea.

A Cleansing Tea After Too Much Fun on the Water

Every summer it seems I go a little overboard, pun intended, with too much food and too much wine. By the time September arrives, I am trying to squeeze back into my fall clothes, thank goodness for the bulky sweaters. Recently I found a new product called get clean, herb tea for detoxing No. 7, from…


Yes! You Too Can Fly a Floatplane!

As boaters in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, it is hard to look up, see a float plane going by, or better yet taking off or landing, and not wonder what it must be like to fly one. Not many people realize that you can enjoy this incredible experience with a $99 Introductory Floatplane…


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