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A sailboat in Dogfish Bay.

Good News for Silva Bay Resort & Marina

Continuing the rounds for Waggoner Guide research, we entered Active Pass. The winds were blowing at 35 knots, and the pass was active with BC ferries transiting both directions. Reminding ourselves of the importance of leaving these “big boys” plenty of room, we hugged the shoreline along this very busy waterway. Two worthwhile stops are in…

Approaching the town of Casale Sul Sile in Italy.

The End of our Canal Cruise in Italy

Scheduled to return Magnifique 7 on June 27, we departed Venice, stopping at Burano to take on fuel. Our boat held 300 liters or approximately 80 gallons of fuel. The 40-horsepower diesel engine ran efficiently, but the fuel gauge never moved off of full; perhaps the gauge didn’t function properly. To be on the safe side, we…

Crashing waves along the river bar in Cortellazzo, Italy.

Waiting out the Storm in Cortellazzo, Italy

Many abandoned and unused buildings from the past are seen along the canals. Departing Caorle, we continued west along Canale Commessera and Canale Revedoli. While underway, we received a text message from Le Boat personnel warning of a pending storm with 35-knot winds. We were told to hold-up somewhere safe and not make any transits the following…

The Lock at Bevazzana Sinistra, Italy.

Locks and Bridges: How to Navigate the Canals in Italy

From Lignano, we continued westward along the Canale de Lustri, then turned southwest into the narrow Canale dei Pantani.  If you are wondering what the tidal range is for the area, it is only a difference of three feet, and we were not yet at “high-tide.” Needless to say, we ran aground. For boaters from the…


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