You see them zipping around False Creek.

Colorful and enthusiastic, these vibrant ferries hustle along their water route with a zest for adventure as they deliver riders from one location to the next.

With 13 vessels, an Aquabus Ferry takes tourists and commuters from one of their 8 dock locations to the next, every 15 minutes. Zipping to and fro along the False Creek waterway, riders enjoy an energetic ride with a unique vantage point of the scenic shoreline.

Hop onboard and explore this vibrant waterway and discover the diversity of each location. Enjoy an entertaining source of travel and commuting, while exploring the dynamic city of Vancouver, B.C.

Plan your stay discovering what each location has to offer.

Hornby Street Dock – Close to the heart of downtown Vancouver and just a short jaunt from the beaches of English Bay and Stanley Park, stroll over to Hornby Street Dock to kick off your Aquabus adventure.


Granville Island – Add flavor and art to your Aquabus tour with a stop at Granville Island. A must-see attraction when visiting Vancouver, but parking on Granville Island can be quite the challenge. Instead, arrive by water to explore artist studios, galleries, and a large indoor Farmer’s market with mouth-watering delights.

David Lam Park – Still close to the hub of the city, yet a quiet place to relax or engage in volleyball game or a lawn sport activity. David Lam Park is a great place to stop on your Aquabus tour.


      Stamps Landing – Need a little “Adult” time? Stamp Landing is located just underneath some of best pubs in town. Enjoy a drink on the patio while soaking in the view and the busy activities on False Creek.  Afterward enjoy a stroll along the Sea Wall and meander over to Charleston Park. A favorite at Stamps Landing – Mahoney and Sons.

Spyglass Place Dock – On the south shore of False Creek you are just minutes away from Olympic Village, one of the locations for the 2010 Olympics. See how this neighborhood as turned into a one of the greenest communities in the world, using sustainable systems and innovative energy.


      Yaletown – they call this one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Vancouver. Charming, trendy, and close to many great Vancouver activities. Visit Yaletown on your Aquabus tour.

Plaza of Nations – If you want something hip, visit Gastown, one of Vancouver’s most popular tourist destination. Want to go to a Hockey Game, this might be just the stop for you, just remember the ferries stop running at 9:35 at this location. 

The Village – at the end of False Creek, Science World awaits you. An interactive science museum and IMAX theatre. A great educational experience for young and old. Also a great place for some of the best breweries in Vancouver.

Since its inception, these enchanting modes of transportation have delighted riders for years as they ferry them from one location to the next on False Creek. What a fun way to zip around Vancouver, B.C. It’s a great way to spend a summer or even a typical PNW rainy day.

Ride an Aquabus

Next time you are in Vancouver, B.C. take a ride on an Aquabus.