The Waggoner Team

From south Puget Sound to Skagway, Alaska including the west coast of Vancouver Island, this popular annual guide — called the “bible for Northwest cruising” — provides detailed information about marinas, marine parks, fuel docks, U.S./Canada border crossings, customs, VHF radio requirements, and more.

The Waggoner Editorial Team

Meet the team of the Waggoner Cruising Guide. Publisher and Lead Editor, Mark Bunzel and the Managing Editorial Team of Leonard and Lorena Landon.

Mark Bunzel

Mark Bunzel

Editor and Publisher

Contributor, Editor and Publisher of the annual Waggoner Cruising Guide, co-author of Cruising the Virgin Islands, and nautical publisher and distributor at the Waggoner Store.
Mark’s boating experience began at the age of 15 and has cruised the Greek Islands, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Honduras, Mexico, Vietnam, and the Chesapeake Bay. Each year, he cruises to Waggoner Guide destinations in the San Juan Islands, Inside Passage and Southeast Alaska.
Mark’s work can be found in Power Cruising, Pacific Yachting, Latitudes and Attitudes, Soundings, Dockside, Northwest Yachting Magazine. Mark also teaches seminars at Boat Show University, Fine Edge Nautical Seminars, and Cruiser’s College.

Leonard and Lorena Landon

Leonard and Lorena Landon

Managing Editors

Lorena and Leonard Landon have been boating Pacific Northwest waters for 35 years. Primarily power boaters, they have piloted boats of various types, everything from sport boats to semi-displacement trawler vessels. In the early years, they bareboat-chartered, cruising between Olympia, WA and the reaches of British Columbia with their two young sons. Since 2010, they have been cruising year-round on their 46’ Pilothouse trawler, Got d’Fever, and have logged over 22,000 miles on West Coast waters from Manzanillo, Mexico to Yakutat, Alaska. They have cruised five seasons in Southeast Alaska and have spent the last three seasons cruising as Managing Editors of the Waggoner Cruising Guide. Leonard has extensive navigation skills both as a boater and a licensed aircraft pilot. Lorena enjoys the unique adventures that boating brings and writes blogs for each of their excursions. She was the author of Cleats & Eats, a series of restaurant guidebooks for boaters, published from 2002-2010, and has written articles for local boating magazines. Lorena served on the Boating Programs Advisory Committee for the State of Washington RCO for eight years.

Waggoner Team Field Correspondents

Missy Gervais

Melissa has been boating for 20 years and is a member of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. She enjoys anchoring out in B.C.’s beautiful marine parks and taking photos of the many special, scenic destinations found in British Columbia. Her dog, Jonathan, is a companion aboard her 34-foot power boat Avanti. Melissa enjoys cruising the Gulf Islands and Sunshine Coast during vacation time from her active career with Pacific Yacht Systems. Melissa, who often goes by Missy, hosts a blog site which includes marine products, a photo gallery, and an events calendar geared to women boaters – Melissa enjoyed cruising her favorite areas of the greater Gulf Islands region during the 2018 boating season.

Dan and Karin Leach

Dan started sailing when he was a kid and received a 15-foot sailboat from his dad as a high school graduation gift, along with a copy of Joshua Slocom’s Sailing Alone Around the World. Karin started sailing in 2004 when Dan said, “Hey, we should get back into sailing…only on bigger boats.” Karin took additional lessons so that if he got hit by the boom, she could successfully sail back home. Lessons complete, they’ve been cruising the waters between Washington and Alaska ever since and now live aboard their Passport 40 in Anacortes. Karin is perfecting her small-oven bread recipes, and Dan is keeping everything on the boat in good repair to maintain the comforts of home. According to Dan, “girls stick around if the heater and the head keep working.” Now fully retired, Dan and Karin cruise the Northwest waters from spring to fall, and cruise overland with their RV from fall to spring.

Bob and Shino Posey

Bob started boating with runabouts in the 60’s. Bob and Shino owned a PT 38 Trawler for many years in which they explored the Pacific Northwest and BC’s lower mainland.  They currently own a 24-foot Sea Sport Explorer, based in Anacortes, which provides flexibility in planning a variety of cruising destinations. They spend most summers cruising the San Juan and Gulf Islands and enjoyed a recent trip to Chatterbox Falls in Princess Louisa Inlet.  During the 2018 boating season, Bob and Shino trailered their boat to Prince Rupert BC and cruised the Inside Passage to Southeast Alaska where they rendezvoused with family members near the southern tip of Baranof Island.

John Shepard

John started sailing, racing, and instructing as a teenager in San Diego. As a Naval junior, John had free use of boats that provided recreational opportunities for servicemen, and he took full advantage sailing and racing in the waters of Southern California. John first started cruising the Pacific Northwest with a trailer-able boat, exploring rivers, lakes and bays. Inspired by reading Jonathan Raban’s book, Passage to Juneau, John purchased a Cal 35 Cruiser sloop, named Hadley. John undertook refurbishing s/v Hadley, making extensive repairs and refits. In 2017, with projects nearly complete, a fast-moving boat appeared out of the fog near Double Bluff on Whidbey Island and clipped his starboard stern. Thankfully the stern quarter and transom were mostly fiberglass repairs; a quick maneuver had helped avoid a more serious collision. Happily, s/v Hadley was repaired over the winter and was ready in 2018 to once again weave through island passages in all sorts of weather and cross the straits that make up our water playground of the Pacific Northwest.

Anita Fraser and Jim Norris

Anita Fraser and Jim Norris have been boating nearly their entire lives, having been engaged in commercial fishing, marine research, and more recently as active recreational boaters. They are Great Loop veterans, completing “The Loop” in 2008 on a 32-foot Grand Banks. Since 2010 they have cruised extensively between their home port of Port Townsend and Glacier Bay, Alaska on their 42-foot Krogen, Spirit Quest. Their northern trips have included the west side of Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii. They have also cruised as far south as San Diego, spending a winter in Oxnard, California. Each year they explore their favorite destinations and personal secret places in Northern B.C. and Southeast Alaska.