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The Waggoner Cruising Guide is THE annual guide for cruising the Inside Passage waters of the Pacific Northwest—from Olympia, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska, and the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It often referred to as the “Bible for Northwest Cruising.”

The guidebook contains complete and essential up-to-date information for boaters on moorage at marinas, parks, and anchorages; charts needed; piloting suggestions; VHF radio frequencies and phone numbers; weather stations; local knowledge and interesting people and places along the way. The guide is illustrated with over 150 maps and 300 photographs.

The Waggoner started in 1994. The 2017 Waggoner Cruising Guide will be the 23rd Edition. It is by far the Northwest’s most popular boating guide with over 30,000 copies in use every season.

Who Should Advertise

Any business whose products and services are aimed at Northwest cruising boaters should seriously consider advertising in the Waggoner Cruising Guide. This includes Chambers of Commerce, tourism agencies, ports, marinas, repair facilities, supplies and equipment for boats, charter companies, restaurants, grocery stores, real estate, even veterinary hospitals—whatever boaters need or hope to find.

The readers of the Waggoner Cruising Guide are the ideal demographic. They own their own boat or they charter. They like to travel and spend 2-9 weeks or more boating every season. They may spend from $750-$4500 a week while cruising on restaurants, moorage, groceries, supplies, and boating parts and services. In a year they may spend between $5,000–$50,000 or more in boat maintenance, upgrades or modifications. An ad in the Waggoner Guide is in use for a year and many times longer. With an estimated 30,000 Waggoner Cruising Guides in use at all times, it works.

Each year, 96% of the Waggoner’s 220+ advertisers renew for the following year. Waggoner advertising works for the marine industry.


Annual sales are 7000-9000 copies per year, 2,000 are downloaded for FREE as a PDF. Repeatedly, people say the Waggoner is the “book they rely upon; the best guide in the Northwest; the one book they would not be without.”


In addition to the Seattle Boat Show, a large number of copies are sold at marine supply stores, nautical chart agents, and nautical bookstores in the Northwest. Trade bookstores account for a small percentage of sales. Several hundred direct sales come from the Waggoner Store on the website and

Distribution in Canada is through Chyna Sea Ventures in Nanaimo, B.C. and Heritage House Publishers, in Surrey, B.C. Approximately 1/3 of the books are sold in British Columbia to both Canadian and U.S. Customers.

The Waggoner Cruising Guide is printed in November of the year prior to the date on the cover. It is available in stores and online for Christmas gift giving and trip planning through the winter and spring. Almost 50% of the Waggoner Guides are sold prior to the cruising season for trip planning.

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