While our first love is the Pacific Northwest, there are other great boating areas in the world. And, we hope to boat all of them.
One of my favorites is the Canal du Midi, in the south of France.
In June, we explored the Canal du Midi for nine days. We started near the Mediterranean, 63 locks, and about 100 miles later, we ended in the town of Castelnaudary.
Making new friends, the beauty of the area, and of course, the food and wine made for a fantastic trip. Well, we did have a few days of the hottest weather Europe has experienced – with 110 degree heat.
The cruising is easy. Quite frankly the locks are a little work, but we had fun. Our winery tours, touring the medieval town of Carcassonne, and the camaraderie of 14 people on two charter canal boats made it extra special.
There was no navigation, no anchoring out – you tied up to a tree or pounded stakes in along the bank of the Canal for moorage.  Lunch was on the extended flybridge under a bimini while underway. Dinner was our choice of the best small restaurants the area had to offer. So often we would pinch ourselves and ask – is this real?
Waggoner Managing Editor, Lorena Landon was inspired to blog about the entire trip on her blog at www.LLCruise2019.blogspot.com , just click on June in the sidebar within her blog. You can see a complete list on Lorena’s blog, or scroll down and click on one of the four links below to find selected blogs from the France trip.
The big question is – will we expand the Waggoner Guide to canal boating? Well, maybe not, but we are considering adding it to our Waggoner Destinations tours and charters once we work out a few details. 
What do you think?
Mark Bunzel 
Waggoner Guide, Editor and Publisher