Island Acquisition in the Octopus Islands Marine Park. The Province of British Columbia, supported by a generous donation from the B.C. Marine Parks Forever Society, recently completed the purchase of an island at the south end of the Octopus group. The newly purchased island of 20 hectares (over 49 acres) is on the eastern edge of Waiatt Bay and offers future potential for hiking trails and other amenities for boaters.

British Columbia’s Land Acquisition Program continues to be active in its pursuit of properties through partnerships with conservation groups, private land owners, and individual donors. Acquired properties are added to the Marine Park System or are sometimes designated as Ecological Reserves.

When the Province acquires new land, there are several steps before it can officially become a park and made available to the public. These steps include: Legal boundary mapping; Consultation with First Nations; Consultation with local governments; and Developing the Management Plan, including designated uses and activities. If you would like to make a donation, or want to learn more about how you can help, go to the B.C. Marine Parks Forever Society at The Society is a non-profit organization, which has been instrumental in providing funds for stern-ties at B.C. marine parks as well as land acquisitions.

Historic Lakebay Marina. The newly formed RBAW Marine Parks Conservancy is the equivalent non-profit organization in Washington State, dedicated to acquiring lands that benefit boaters and other programs that provide boater amenities and shore access.

The conservancy arm of RBAW (Recreation Boating Association of Washington) is currently seeking funds to close on the purchase of the historic Lakebay Marina at Mayo Cove in South Puget Sound. Mark Scott, current owner of the Lakebay property, has extended the closing date on the purchase-sale agreement to September 30, 2021, with the original asking purchase price. In addition to the generous funds received by individual boaters and yacht clubs, funds from State grant programs look promising, putting this acquisition on a positive track.

Just like boaters who played a part in history during the purchase of Sucia Island, today’s boaters can play a part in the purchase of the Lakebay property. Boaters and yacht clubs are encouraged to send in their donations to save the historic Lakebay Marina and surrounding property for the enjoyment of all and for future generations to come. The goal is within reach, but RBAW needs your help for this and other future projects that benefit boaters. Donations can be made online at