Desolation Sound & Discovery Islands

The inaptly named Desolation Sound is a place of extraordinary beauty. It’s one of the Northwest’s most dreamed-about and sought-after cruising destinations. It offers a wilderness setting, generally easy waters, many bays and coves to explore and anchor in, and marinas where fuel and supplies are available. Located literally just beyond the end of the road, it’s the next stop as you head north from the Sunshine Coast at the end of the Strait of Georgia. Departing from Vancouver or Seattle area, it may take as long as a week to arrive depending on speed, weather, and stops on the way. It will be worth the trip.

Top Destinations

Desolation Sound

Prideaux Haven • Homfray Lodge • Pendrell Sound • Refuge Cove • Teakerne Arm • Toba Inlet

Cortes Island

Squirrel Cove • Cortes Bay • Von Donop Inlet • Gorge Harbour

Quadra Island

Rebecca Spit • Heriot Bay • Octopus Islands • Okisollo Channel

Discovery Passage

Campbell River • April Point • Brown Bay • Small Inlet

Plan Out Your Trip

Desolation Sound is fully covered in the latest Waggoner Cruising Guide. It provides all you need about marinas, anchorages, passages, and attractions. Plan your day’s route with the guide’s detailed planning maps. Get your copy of the Waggoner Cruising Guide book!

Plus, there’s more to help you plan a great cruise through Desolation Sound. Read on…

The Laughing Oyster Restaurant

The Laughing Oyster Restaurant

Where can you get great food, fabulous views, and unwind in casual elegance? The Laughing Oyster Restaurant, located in Okeover Inlet, consistently delivers great food in a relaxed atmosphere. Boaters who spend time in Desolation Sound, can head down...

How Do They Get Tomatoes To Refuge Cove?

How Do They Get Tomatoes To Refuge Cove?

Have you ever thought about how a remote marina like Refuge Cove can have such a well-stocked store with fresh produce Boaters who come to cruise the Desolation Sound region know that the store at Refuge Cove will be ready for them, stocked with all the...

2017 Cruising with the Landons

2017 Cruising with the Landons

Recreational boaters since the early 1980's; Managing Editors, Lorena and Leonard Landon of the popular Waggoner Cruising Guide share their cruising adventures in 2017 on their blog. Living among the Islands Jennis Bay has approximately 300 feet of moorage...

Reasons to make the passage to Desolation Sound

Reasons to make the passage to Desolation Sound

Make the Passage to Desolation Sound. Soon after we began boating in the Pacific Northwest we started hearing stories of warm waters and beautiful scenery in Desolation Sound. After hearing these tales , we wanted (needed) to explore Desolation Sound. I...

2018 Waggoner Guided Flotilla, Part 1: Anacortes to The Broughtons

2018 Waggoner Guided Flotilla, Part 1: Anacortes to The Broughtons

Our cruise the next day was critical as we would be leaving Port McNeill for Fury Cove, crossing the 40 miles of open water past Cape Caution. The weather forecasts were iffy, and we were planning a 4 a.m. departure. The 2018 Waggoner Cruising Guide Flotilla to Southeast Alaska.

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