Recreational boaters since the early 1980’s; Managing Editors, Lorena and Leonard Landon of the popular Waggoner Cruising Guide share their cruising adventures in 2017 on their blog.

Living among the Islands

Jennis Bay has approximately 300 feet of moorage space for about 11 boats, depending on size and rafting options.  Fishing boats and Crabbers also moor here.  The Broughton Islands offer abundant anchorages and small family run marinas, each with their own unique character and special events.  Visiting these charming marinas provides a glimpse into the different life-styles that are found among the islands. Read more

Mission Accomplished

We started laying plans as to how we might accomplish such a task when we came through again on the way back.  Once past Nakwakto Rapids, boaters have the choice of heading east into Nugent Sound or southeast into Seymour Inlet and Frederick Sound, or turn northeast into Belize Inlet with branches to Mereworth Sound and Alison Sound.  One thing is for sure, you will most likely be the only boat around, as this area is seldom visited by pleasure boaters and is extremely isolated and remote. Read more…

Weight and Balance

West Beach is wild and beautiful; however, those with small dogs would be wise to keep a watchful eye.  If Eagles and Falcons can pick up large salmon, they certainly would be able to pick up a small dog.  A short time later, other visitors came to enjoy this beautiful beach, romping freely with their bigger dog along the surf. Read more...

Pruth to Shearwater

These islands were named in honor of aircraft flown in WWII.  The Royal Canadian Air Force had a seaplane base at Shearwater just to the north of these islands and flew surveillance flights along the coast.  Read more...

Ghost Town of The Rain People

Today’s destination Ocean Falls, is a modern-day ghost town which continues to intrigue us, we always seem to discover something new as we wander through the ruins of this once populace mill town. Read more

Shadows of Time

With evening approaching, we made our way a few miles south and anchored in the popular but protected bay of Fury Cove.  Fury Cove located between Fury Island and Penrose Island has lovely sandy, midden beaches and beautiful views, an ideal anchorage.  Read more

Native Culture, the Modern Way

A recent new addition to Port Hardy is the beautiful Kwa’Lilas Hotel, formerly the Port Hardy Inn.  Three First Nations tribes:  the Nakwaxda’xw People, the Gwa’sala People, and the Kwakiutle People came together to completely rebuild the structure, making extensive use of local cedar. Read more

WWII Ruins on Yorke Island

Departing Lagoon Cove we motored through ‘The Blow Hole’ between E. Cracroft and Minstrel Islands into Chatham and Havannah Channels reaching Johnstone Strait.  Not surprising, Johnstone Strait was choppy but improved as we proceeded eastward.  Seeing that the seas had become settled, we took the opportunity to anchor for a few hours behind Yorke Island. For some time we have wanted to see the gun emplacements established on the island during WWII and this was our chance. Ruins from the period remain on the island and trails are maintained by the BC Parks to the various military sites. You might even find barbed-wire along the shoreline, which circled the island to deter an enemy attack…read more of their adventures HERE.