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Planning a cruising itinerary for you and your crew generates enthusiasm for the trip and establishes team effort. Trip planning is part of the fun, and Waggoner can help you get started with some of our planning tips, suggested resources, and the latest information about destinations.

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What did I forget? — Provisioning for a FirstTimer

Several years ago, my husband talked me into taking a class on boating. Here is a little back-story for you – I grew up in Denver and boating was not really an option when I was a kid. I never even went camping. I was a city girl and a landlubber, plain and simple. My...

Sailboat to Powerboat – A Paradigm Shift

by Aiona Hartley How does a sailboat lover become a powerboat lover? I always assumed the progression from sailboat to powerboat to ferryboat over the River Styx was because as people age, they become unable to manage the athletic requirements of sailing....

How to Make Your Travel Plans Work

It is painful to hear someone or a cruising couple say “We are going to hold off on a long trip this summer. We have too many obligations at home, or with family.” As Editor and Publisher of the Waggoner Cruising Guide, I keep a pretty aggressive schedule...

Off-season Cruising – Serenity and Solitude

The off-season cruising months offer a respite with deserted anchorages and unoccupied marine park docks. There’s no jockeying required at the fuel dock, and wildlife is unencumbered by the usual steady stream of boats. It’s their domain now. The keys to...

Begin Planning Next Summer’s Cruise

For many boaters, an enjoyable facet of cruising is the planning process. The holidays are over. It’s the middle of winter, and the thought of a summer cruise tends to brighten those gray and damp Pacific Northwest days. Planning a successful summer cruise...

The Boating Lifestyle – Why I Enjoy It

There is nothing better than being out on the water. My boating routine kicks in and it's like a natural high washes over me. My understanding of the weather and the sounds of the boat become second nature. I'm dazzled by breathtaking sunrises and amazed...

Extended Provisioning for Cruising North of the Border

When cruising north of the border, we enjoy anchoring Easy Goin’ in one of the many secluded coves, miles from the nearest dock. To do that, Arlene and I have learned the art of extended provisioning so we can enjoy well planned and nourishing meals while...

A Link for Weather Buoy Data

You can find on a complete, near-real-time observations from weather buoys and land stations in B.C. and U.S. waters. The web site is easy to navigate and its information is extremely useful. With a few clicks you can get complete data on...

8 Tips for Winter Cruising

With a little planning, a well-found boat and flexibility, a winter cruise can be a wonderful way to get more use from your boat!

Seminars for boat owners

We are passionate about teaching boaters. Our classes are formed to give you the tools and experience you need to be a confident captain (or first mate!). Check out our upcoming schedule and sign up for a Seminar.

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