Navigation Tips

Whether you are underway or under sail, piloting your boat safely in both clear conditions and low visibility are skills that come with experience and practice. Reading and interpreting charts is of vital importance for safe navigation, including recognizing the difference between U.S. charts and Canadian charts. Likewise, understanding tides and currents ensures that the boater will choose the correct time for transiting rapids and tight passages. Keep up your skills with Waggoner’s navigation tips!

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Are You Prepared to Navigate in Fog?

Are You Prepared to Navigate in Fog?

It's a beautiful spring day in Seattle...the sun is sparkling on the flat calm water of Puget Sound, it's just warm enough that you don't need a jacket and the mountain is out! could you ask for anything more??!!  You prepare to leave the dock, disconnect and...

NOAA is discontinuing printed tide and current tables

NOAA is discontinuing printed tide and current tables

What does this mean for you?If you have been using the USCG-approved Tide and Current Tables, this year is the last year that you will be able to do so. Lovers of printed tide books will be disappointed to learn that the National Oceanographic and...

Magnetic North is on the Move!! (and why we shouldn’t worry)

Magnetic North is on the Move!! (and why we shouldn’t worry)

Should we worry that the Magnetic North is on the Move?  Recently the news media is full of alarming reports that the Earth’s magnetic field is rapidly changing. Some suggest that this is the precursor to a complete reversal of the magnetic poles, during which the...

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