Canadian Raster Charts Discontinued

Canadian Hydrographic Services just announced plans to discontinue all of its digital Raster Navigational Charts (RNC) offered in BSB format. The process will be in progressive phases. The first phase will include West Coast charts listed below; for a full list of charts affected in the first phase, see The process will start with charts in the south and move north. CHS notes that discontinued raster chart areas have up-to-date Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs) available. Active subscriptions to discontinued Raster charts will be transferred to ENC charts. Paper charts produced from ENC charts will be made available.

CHS is soliciting comments from mariners and users of charts regarding this planned action, comments are due by September 23, 2021. CHS notes that comments must include factual basis along with supporting information for safety, commerce, and public benefit. Comments should be directed to the following email address: .

West Coast Charts

3410      Sooke Inlet to/à Parry Bay
3411      Sooke
3412      Victoria Harbour
3419      Esquimalt Harbour
3424      Approaches to/Approches à Oak Bay
3473      Active Pass
3477      Plans Gulf Islands
3478      Plans Saltspring Island
3479      Approaches to / Approches à Sidney
3490      Fraser River/Fleuve Fraser – Sand Heads to/à Douglas Island
3491      Fraser River/Fleuve Fraser – North Arm
3492      Roberts Bank
3493      Vancouver Harbour – Western Portion/Partie Ouest
3494      Vancouver Harbour – Central Portion/Partie Centrale
3495      Vancouver Harbour – Eastern Portion/Partie Est
3496      Approaches to / Approches à Vancouver Harbour
3534      Plans Howe Sound
3721      Plans – Pitt Island
3726      Laredo Sound and approaches
3727      Cape Calvert to Goose Island Including Fitz Hugh Sound
3728      Milbanke Sound and approaches/et les approches
3744      Queen Charlotte Sound
3902      Hecate Strait