There is nothing better than being out on the water. My boating routine kicks in and it’s like a natural high washes over me. My understanding of the weather and the sounds of the boat become second nature. I’m dazzled by breathtaking sunrises and amazed by colorful sunsets. I thoroughly enjoy every bit of my time on the water, visiting seaside destinations and marinas, and meeting wonderful people along the way. Always, at one point, I just about pinch myself and say, “This is why I go boating.” ~ Mark Bunzel

The Boating Lifestyle

How often do you pinch yourself, and say, “This is fantastic!” The boating lifestyle can do that.

It is the breathtaking views from the water, reflections extending off into the distance, and green trees, chiseled granite, and snow-capped mountain against an endless blue sky. Even a misty rain and the resulting waterfalls carry a deep beauty. It is seeing wildlife like dolphins, whales, or bears on the beach and how they interact with us.

It is also the experiences you share and the charming people you meet. It’s kick­ing back on the boat on a sunny after­noon and reading a book or enjoying a good glass of wine on the back deck as the sun sets. The boating lifestyle is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy life.

Ways to Have Fun with the Boating Lifestyle

  • When planning a trip for the upcoming season, consider a theme like following in the wake of Captain George Vancouver with stops at many of the Inside Passage destinations of the HMS Discoveryand the Chatham.
  • Read about and visit tribal locations to learn more about the First Nations people that inhabited and explored the waters of the Inside Passage. Some places we recommend are Yaculta, New Vancouver, and Alert Bay. And, we list more locations in the Waggoner Cruising Guide. If you want to take it to the extreme, visit Haida Gwaii and learn about this tribal nation’s past and present.
  • Use boat cards to keep in contact with new friends you have met. Include a picture of your boat, along with your contact info, to help jog someone’s memory.

The Waggoner Cruising Guide and the Boating Lifestyle

At the Waggoner Cruising Guide, we take your dream jobs seriously. Our mission is to motivate you to be curious and keep reaching out to take that next step. We want to tease you with the beauty and the experiences waiting around the next corner or across the next strait. We want you to dine at incredible dining venues, and relish that perfectly cooked thirty-pound salmon you caught on a charter earlier in the day and are now sharing with the entire group at the dock. After all, salmon or prawns cooked right after being caught do not come any fresher or tastier. We want you to anchor in that quiet cove, find a favorite marina, and learn about the best places for a “cabin to cabin” adventure. Overall, we want to enhance the boating lifestyle with ideas and suggestions and the information you need to plan the season’s cruising destinations.

No matter where you go on the water, we’re here to help. Be sure to read the front section of the Waggoner Cruising Guide as it is full of tips learned the hard way and many from pleasant experiences we want to share. If you have a specific question contact us or visit our booth at the Seattle Boat Show. If you want to learn more about boating and its lifestyle, consider attending one of our seminars, taking a class at Cruisers College, or sign up for a guided flotilla trip. We are here to help you discover more of this beautiful area and enjoy the boating lifestyle.