The San Juan Preservation Trust recently acquired a 42-acre property located on the east side of Orcas Island, named Keel Preserve. Volunteers have begun building a trail spur that will connect Moran State Park’s trail system to a seasonal waterfall located on the preserve that cascades down a 50-foot rock face. The spur trail to Keel Preserve is expected to be completed sometime in the spring of 2022. Adjacent to the eastern border of Moran State Park, the 30-acre Hogback Preserve shares a property line with a 20-acre property that’s protected by a Conservation Easement held by the San Juan County Land Bank. The Keel Preserve abuts the easement, creating a 90-acre contiguous tract of conserved land and wildlife buffer to Moran State Park.

Season waterfall in Keel Preserve cascading 50 feet down a rock face

The San Juan Preservation Trust is a 501(C)3 charitable organization, with the mission of acquiring properties to conserve the natural beauty, ecosystem, and historic value of properties throughout the San Juan Islands. Many of these properties are open to the public with established trails. To make a donation or learn more about San Juan Preservation Trust, or to see a map of Trust properties, go to

The San Juan Preservation Trust is currently looking to hire a Volunteer Outreach Coordinator to lead their volunteer program and provide general support for all communications and outreach initiatives. Those interested in the position should send their resume and cover letter to by November 15, 2021.

Photo from San Juan Preservation Trust
Waterfall Photo by Jeff Brennan