The Broughtons

The Broughtons is one large, complex boating area with a series of islands, channels, and inlets. This archipelago offers anchorages from raw and wind-swept Fife Sound and Blackfish sound to the gentler waters of Simoom Sound, Greenway Sound, and Drury Inlet. A few small, family-owned resorts — no two of them alike — are found throughout The Broughtons. Most cruisers anchor out part of the time and enjoy the social side of marina life the rest of the time. Meeting fellow boaters over happy hour at cozy, family-run marinas is a big part of The Broughtons’ character. Enjoy your cruising holiday!

Top Destinations

The Broughtons

Echo Bay • Lagoon Cove • Minstrel Island Harbour • Kwatsi Bay • Sullivan Bay • Jennis Bay • New Vancouver

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The Broughtons are fully covered in the latest Waggoner Cruising Guide. It provides all you need about marinas, anchorages, passages, and attractions. Plan your day’s route with the guide’s detailed planning maps. Get your copy of the Waggoner Cruising Guide book!

Plus, there’s more to help you plan a great cruise through The Broughtons. Read on…

New Owners for Echo Bay Lodge & Marina

News release: Kwiḵwa̱sut’inux̱w Haxwa’mis First Nation (KHFN) purchases Pierre’s at Echo Bay Lodge & MarinaJune 3, 2020June 2nd, the Kwiḵwa̱sut’inux̱w Haxwa’mis First Nation (KHFN) has purchased Pierre’s at Echo Bay Lodge & Marina, located on...

Cluxewe Bistro – A fabulous Dinner

The new Cluxewe Waterfront Bistro is in its fourth year of operation and has already gained notoriety. The restaurant is accessible by taxi, or boaters staying at North Island Marina can use the marina’s courtesy van. The Cluxewe Bistro is located 7 miles...

Indian Reserve Lands on the BC Coast

When navigating the BC Coast, boaters often see “IR” or the words “Indian Reserve” on charts. Many wonder what this designation means, as there may, or may not be, evidence of habitation. What is an Indian Reserve? Indian Reserve (IR) are tracts of land...

2017 Cruising with the Landons

Recreational boaters since the early 1980's; Managing Editors, Lorena and Leonard Landon of the popular Waggoner Cruising Guide share their cruising adventures in 2017 on their blog. Living among the Islands Jennis Bay has approximately 300 feet of moorage...

Tours on Village Island in The Broughtons

“It was far too windy to venture up Knight Inlet that day. After studying the chart, we decided to put in the time by wandering through the maze of islands over towards Village Island. There is an old Indian village there, Mamalilaculla, and we had never...

Turnbull Cove Has the Trail You’re Looking For

Turnbull Cove is one of the northernmost anchorages in the Broughtons. It’s popular with cruisers because it has plenty of room to accommodate a large number of boats, and is a popular spot for crabbing. Most of the terrain surrounding Turnbull Cove is steep, and first-time visitors will immediately notice a couple of landslides on the north and west sides of the bay. Waggoner Cruising Guide.

2018 Waggoner Guided Flotilla, Part 1: Anacortes to The Broughtons

Our cruise the next day was critical as we would be leaving Port McNeill for Fury Cove, crossing the 40 miles of open water past Cape Caution. The weather forecasts were iffy, and we were planning a 4 a.m. departure. The 2018 Waggoner Cruising Guide Flotilla to Southeast Alaska.

2018 Waggoner Guided Flotilla, Part 2: Port McNeill to Ketchikan

We departed in a misty rain which covered the top of the nearby mountains. We cruised up to the majestic Kynoch Falls where all of the boats and crews passed in front of the falls for their trip picture. This area is called Fjordland due to the deep and steep fjords. Mother nature showed off her rainy best with waterfalls all along the way. Impressive. The evening was spent in light rain in Windy Bay, which was very calm despite its name. Read more about the Waggoner Guide Flotilla to Southeast Alaska in 2018.

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