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Stay on top of the latest boating rules! There’s no need to be nervous when you know the latest in insurance requirements, international customs, permits, environmental standards, and more. With far more in the authoritative Wagoner Cruising Guide book, get started here with our tips for the latest boating rules.

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Boat Insurance – What is Covered?

Insurance for your vessel can also mean the difference between an accident remaining an accident, or an accident becoming a launching pad for financial ruin

Copper Bottom Paint in Washington until 2026

The use of copper bottom paints in Washington State is now secure until January 1, 2026. Thanks in part to the legislative work of Recreational Boating Association of Washington (RBAW) and Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA), the previous earlier...

Clean Marinas Benefit the Environment & Marinas

By Blair Englebrecht –Boating Programs Manager, Puget Soundkeeper AllianceTeeming beneath the docks and ship hulls of Washington marinas are some of the most sensitive and important resources in the state. By their very nature marinas can hover over...

Proof of Insurance – Is your yacht insured enough?

More and more marinas are requiring Proof of Insurance, even from transient boaters.There is a law in Washington state, RCW 88.26.030, in regards to insurance requirements for private moorage (marinas.)All vessels, with the exception of transients, must...

U.S. Customs – New ROAM App Available in Washington and Alaska

The new U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) ROAM App can now be used when entering at state of Washington and Alaska Ports of Entry. The App can make your arrival reporting with U.S. Customs a lot easier. Reporting Offsite Arrival – Mobile, ROAM App, is an App...

USCG Auxiliary Vessel Safety Inspections

USCG Auxiliary Vessel Safety Inspections Safety on the water is top priority. The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is committed to this goal and they offer free vessel safety inspections to help boaters stay safe. If your vessel passes inspection, you’ll receive...

Washington State Aquatic Invasive Species Permit for Out-of-State Boaters

Who Needs the AIS Prevention Permit?
Operators of recreational vessels not registered in Washington, seaplane operators, and commercial transporters of watercraft are required to purchase an AIS Prevention Permit. Operators should carry the permit on the vessel at all times. Permits can be obtained online or at any Fish and Wildlife license dealer. Online purchased permits are mailed, and you can print a temporary permit which is good for 10 days. Permits are valid for one year from date of activation.

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) – What’s New and What’s Unchanged?

Washington State AIS Prevention Permits or State Registration stickers are now required for watercraft and floatplanes operating on Washington waters. Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife is implementing new 2018 AIS Prevention Permits. Fees from vessel registrations and registration stickers are not new. In preparing our Waggoner eNews article about the new permit, we discovered some implementation questions and concerns, and we asked WDFW to address them. We are happy to report that Allen Pleus, WDFW AIS Prevention Permit Administrator, has been helpful in responding to questions and concerns.

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