Departing Grado around 11 a.m., we headed westward at the continued slow pace of 4 knots. Canal boating requires patience, it’s a time to relax and listen to songbirds. You can’t be in a hurry, and planning your route from start to finish, based on the number of rental days selected is important. Retracing some canals, we turned south on the Bocca dei tre Canali, reaching the town of Lignano Sabbiadoro on the Adriatic.

An Italian Canal Boat Holiday: Cruising to Lignano

Our usual routine was to have breakfast on the boat and lunch while underway, reserving dinners for going out on the town. Moorage at Lignano was the typical med-moor tie – cleats on the dock for stern lines and rings on poles for the bow lines.

Lignano is another popular beach town and holiday destination for families. A sports festival is held on the beach and the seaside promenade is lined with hotels, apartments and huge trees for shade. The center of town has a wide pedestrian only area offering a wide variety of shops along with numerous restaurants.

The town has a holiday atmosphere with entertainment for all ages:  Video Arcades, Splash Park, and Fun Parks with rides for young children. Of course, Leonard’s favorite activity is visiting the bakery shops, markets, and gelato vendors. Like most towns in Italy, adults and families are out later in the evening when it is cool. Naps are taken during mid-day, and the day’s social scene comes alive at night.

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