Princess Louisa Inlet is one of the most beloved destinations in British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, visited by enthusiastic boaters each year. Chatterbox Falls, at the head of the Inlet, cascades down sheer granite cliffs that tower thousands of feet over the Provincial park below. Some of the rock walls that surround the Inlet are 7,000 feet high, thousands of feet higher than Yosemite, and serves as one of the most spectacular fjords in North America.

Thanks to the efforts of the Princess Louisa International Society and the BC Parks Foundation, private lots were systematically acquired to preserve the Inlet in its natural state. In 2003, lands previously owned by the Weyerhaeuser Company were transferred to the Province. Funds from the Society, along with funds from the Nature Conservancy, and the Tula Foundation made the purchase of these land holdings possible. Bob Goff, a lover of the Inlet and best-selling author, purchased several large tracts of land and put a conservation covenant on the parcels to also help preserve this pristine area.

Due to a great campaign and Crowdfunding, $3 million dollars was raised to purchase land from a private seller, preserving the inlet for future generations.

“The fundraising campaign to buy a swath of remote coastal wilderness on the Sunshine Coast has been a success.

The B.C. Parks Foundation, an independent charity that works with B.C. Parks, was able to raise $3 million to buy 800 hectares in Princess Louisa Inlet from a private seller. The inlet is about 100 kilometers northwest of Vancouver.”

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Princess Louisa Inlet

We can do our part as boaters to protect this beautiful, natural asset by providing donations or becoming a member of the Princess Louisa International Society. For an annual payment of $40, a membership card and decal are issued. For a one-time payment of $200, a Life Membership card, decal, and Burgee are issued. The Princess Louisa International Society is a federally registered Canadian charity and qualifies as a tax deduction. Canadian donors and members should make their donation payable to the Princess Louisa International Society. American donors and members should make their checks payable to the Princess Louisa International Foundation, which is a non-profit, charitable corporation recognized under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. For more information on how you can donate to this important cause, go to

The Princess Louisa International Society also helps fund an annual park ranger position, providing long-term stewardship services. Donated funds are greatly appreciated for the Society to continue its mission, “to keep the Inlet in its natural state as the founder and benefactor, James F. Macdonald (Mac) intended.” Mac came to the Inlet in 1919 as a young man aboard his uncle’s schooner; the Inlet was forever etched in Mac’s mind. After acquiring enough money through his mining activities in Nevada, he filed for a crown grant on property at the head of Princess Louisa Inlet, and built an impressive lodge in 1930. When his home burned down in 1941, he found a house on a barge and had it towed into the Inlet. People loved being around him and came to the Inlet each year to spend time with Mac; he was an interesting character and flamboyant entertainer. He talked openly with boaters about the challenge of protecting the Inlet from logging and commercial development. A plan evolved to create an international non-profit organization to own and protect the Inlet for the enjoyment of future generations. Today, the Princess Louisa International Society carries on his legacy.