What is a Nomar Bumper? I found myself asking that same question about two years ago. We had just purchased a marina; you can read about our new venture at Waggoner. It all started with some beer and oysters on a hot summer day. Truly, that’s how that story began for us.

The gentleman who brokered the Fair Harbor Marina deal visited us during our first summer; he explained that he represented a company which manufactures a system that helps with the efficiencies of the fuel dock. I was curious and wanted to know more about how the application worked. He brought me three samples as a gift, the old salesman ploy to get me hooked. We have a 140-foot fuel dock, so three pieces were just a big tease. I placed them on the dock for a week. The fuel dock where I installed them handled the boat traffic nicely. Remember the hook! Ok, here it comes, that tug & set – I soon reached out to him for more to fit the entire 140-foot dock. He casually let me know that the business was for sale, now here is where the Big Fish gets dangled – he throws in some tidbits of information, such as info on cost, margin etc.

Nomar Bumpers on dock

By now, we will call him Ken, he has a fairly good understanding of me and notices I tend to project when my interest is peaked. Ken starts talking about Patents, P&L statements, assets, all the usual business stuff; but in my mind, I was already thinking of the next type of bumper and additional products we could manufacture. A couple months go by and boom, we now own a bumper business.

The one tidbit that intrigued me the most was the original owner worked three days a week, three hours a day, and made surprisingly good money doing so. I am thinking winter project, right! Normally the marina is slow in the winters, (ya right!!!). The original owners of the bumper business had advertised in a couple of magazines, along with attending Seattle Boat Shows. Ok, back to what is a Nomar Bumper System?

No Marring, Nomar – a patented design, 100 percent American made, dock bumper system which stands up to the harshest conditions. The unique fabric is UV protected. Imagine not having the hassle of taking fenders on and off every time you go in and out of your slip, or marring the hull, causing expensive hull rub-outs or repairs, that’s a Nomar Bumper System.

We are a small family-owned company that takes pride in what we do. We enjoy designing new products that makes your boating adventure enjoyable. Please take a minute to visit our website. You will find what you need, or give us a call at 253-315-1629 and we may be able to build a system to meet your specific needs.

Photos Kelly & Cindy Granger
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