We arrived at Mill Bay Marina and were completely taken by surprise. To borrow Steve Martin’s words, “Wow, all I can say is wow.” This is not the Mill Bay Marina we remembered from several years ago when there were just a few deteriorated wooden docks and old buildings on the shoreline. It’s worth a visit to Mill Bay Marina.

Mill Bay Marina

The marina now sports wide, roomy slips with large concrete docks and steel pilings. It offers 700 feet of transient moorage and can accommodate boats up to 200 feet. A state of the art ‘floating wave break’ provides year-round protection. Line-handlers in uniform greet you upon arrival, and you can purchase drinks and ice cream bars right at the docks. During the summer months, kayak rentals and even drop-in yoga sessions are also available on the docks.

At the head of the substantial ramp is the beautiful Bridgemans Pub & Bistro serving lunch and dinner with a brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays. Meals are well prepared with beautiful presentations. The architecture is warm and inviting with wood ceilings and a wall of glass for the expansive views of the bay and Mt. Baker in the distance.

Other Changes and Nearby Amenities

The uplands at Mill Bay have changed significantly too. The shoreline now hosts new condominiums, lovely new homes, and the impressive buildings of the Brentwood College School, a college prep boarding school.

Boaters will find the Mill Bay Plaza within easy walking distance from the marina for convenient grocery shopping and other needs.

Mill Bay is a pleasant stop for boaters exploring Saanich Inlet and is within easy reach of Sidney and Butchart Gardens.  While Mill Bay has changed its look and appeal over the last five years, boaters are still discovering the new Mill Bay, now classy and upscale.

(originally posted on http://llcruise2017.blogspot.com)