Jedediah Island, located between Texada and Lasquetti Islands, is one of the most beautiful and enchanting places to visit. In mid-September we found ourselves alone in Deep Bay at the northwest end of the island with a dozen stern-tie installations from which to choose. After securing the boat off a rock wall in this tiny, deep V-shaped bay, we took the dinghy ashore and found a map at the head of a well-marked trail leading east across the island to Home Bay, a pleasant three-quarter mile hike. The trail emerges from the forest, with granite outcroppings, into a large open field that was used for farming in earlier times. At the far end of the field stands an old barn with a tractor parked inside, now silent as if holding back stories untold. Continuing eastward, feral sheep scurried away as we approached the gnarled orchard trees that appeared strained from effort to produce their fruit — apples, cherry, and plum. Upright fence posts were found among the orchard trees, along with a small shed protecting an old trunk from the late 1800s, perhaps holding secrets locked away long ago.

Jedediah Island House and Bay

Our imagination was stirred further as we approached the shoreline and found the fully intact house of this old homestead frozen in time, standing proudly over the bay holding fast to its original character and charm. Peering up at the bedroom windows and the welcoming porch, one can’t help but imagine the activity that once took place here. The homestead overlooks Home Bay, which goes dry at low tide. However, with appropriate timing, this bay can be used to visit the homestead. A small float sits below the house for temporary dinghy moorage. Taking the dinghy around the island in calm weather provides more opportunities to explore additional intriguing coves and inlets tucked behind rocky knolls and outcroppings. While it may be challenging to find anchorage for the mother ship, a visit to Jedediah Island is well worth the effort to enjoy this enchanting, secret paradise often missed by cruisers.