When we purchased our 46-foot DeFever in 2010, she looked like new and had been well-maintained by her previous owners. When out cruising with her, other boaters complimented her appearance and were surprised to learn that she had been Commissioned as early as 2004. Like most boat owners, we took pride in our new purchase and wanted to keep her looking nice, so continued a regular maintenance schedule. 

After each summer’s cruise, we religiously washed, cleaned and waxed our boat; but as the years went by, the enthusiasm for cleaning and waxing began to wane. Then we enlisted the help of some individuals who could handle this task for us from time to time. The hull, however, had only been waxed twice and the lack of attention had become obvious. It was time to admit that her hull, along with other areas of the vessel had oxidized and were looking dull – she had lost her attractive luster and shine.

We knew it would take a lot of hard work and time on our part to bring back her good looks. The thought of spending weeks in cold, inclement weather didn’t set well either, not to mention all the tools and products we would need. It was time to call in the professionals who specialize in the business of detailing.

After talking with several detailing companies, we chose Marine Detail Specialists to do the work. Weather wouldn’t be an issue since Marine Detail Specialists has an enclosed, heated boathouse located in La Conner, where they can work year-round. They could care for our vessel rain or shine without interruption, even during the coldest month of February. There was no need to wait for clear skies, or pay for their travel time, since we could bring our boat to them. We could be confident that our vessel would be in a warm, secure location and cared for in an on-going efficient manner.

With a team of workers that varies in number according to boat size, thorough, careful detailing is accomplished in a few days instead of weeks. For our 46-foot vessel, the total time involved was 3 days. The first day included our travel to La Conner, followed by cleaning and washing by their crew that same afternoon. The next two days were spent waxing, buffing, and polishing. We stopped by for a visit on the second day and were amazed to see how nice our boat was looking and the progress that had been made.

We Make Boats Beautiful” is the byline used by Marine Detail Specialists. And indeed, when we came to motor her home at the end of the third day, she looked as good as when we purchased her. Her shine was back and so were our smiles. We’re so glad we called on the professionals. Regular washing and occasional waxing will be so much easier now. She, too, will be proud to cruise among the best of them.

If you are looking for Professional detailing service, Marine Detail Specialists offers the advantage of year-round-service in their climate-controlled boathouse. Boats from all over Puget Sound arrive at this La Conner facility, known for their large work crew and quick turn-around time. You can even stay on your boat while it’s in the shop and spend a few days shopping and dining in historic La Conner. Marine Detail Specialists also provides detailing services at North Lake Marina in Kenmore on Lake Washington, or you can opt for mobile service at your slip in Anacortes or La Conner.

Lorena and Leonard Landon
Managing Editors
Waggoner Cruising Guide

Marine Detail Specialists

As a boat owner you want…

  • A shiny and clean boat that you can be proud of
  • To feel excited and energized when you walk down the dock
  • More time to enjoy your boat
  • Confidence that you are getting a great job for a reasonable price
  • People you can trust caring for your vessel