There is good news for Silva Bay Resort & Marina.

Continuing the rounds for Waggoner Guide research, we entered Active Pass. The winds were blowing at 35 knots, and the pass was active with BC ferries transiting both directions. Reminding ourselves of the importance of leaving these “big boys” plenty of room, we hugged the shoreline along this very busy waterway. Two worthwhile stops are in Active Pass: Sturdies Bay on the east end, and Miners Bay on the south side of the pass. A public wharf is found at both locations and is best suited for smaller boats. Space is limited and subject to ferry wash. Heading back westward, against a 3-knot current, we exited Active Pass and turned northward to spend the night at anchor in Montague Harbour, another family favorite with lots of good memories. The following day was spent investigating Telegraph Harbour on Thetis Island and Silva Bay on Gabriola Island.

Thetis Island Marina has seen recent improvements, thanks to Wayne Proctor, the new owner. The building exterior has received stain and paint finishes, a new patio area has been added at the head of the docks, and the pub deck has been renovated. It was a busy day at Telegraph Harbour with boats maneuvering in the strong winds and negotiating the low tide with 4-foot minimums, yikes!

Time to high-tail out and continue to the day’s destination of Silva Bay, located on the southeast side of Gabriola Island. Approaching from the south through the Gulf Islands, Silva Bay is reached through Gabriola Passage. Like nearby Dodd Narrows, Gabriola Passage should be transited at slack water. For boaters heading north, Gabriola Passage serves as an alternative to Dodd Narrows. The east end of the Passage brings you into the Strait of Georgia; but with good weather, Gabriola Passage is a nice alternative to Dodd Narrows, especially during the busy summer months.

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