The Great Bear Rainforest is an international treasure

In this special place: “the highways are waterways between fjords“.


Inside Passage Marine is looking for the right partner, to accelerate development at Butedale.

Located in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. Butedale is the only permitted development package on Princess Royal Island – Home of the Spirit Bear.

There is no other fully comparable property in the Great Bear!

Freehold lands , ocean frontage, a deep sheltered tidewater bay, fresh water and a renewable, environmentally compatible , power source.

Named after the BUTE Family of the United Kingdom (see BUTEDALE was founded in 1911, where a beautiful waterfall drops into a deep tidewater bay.

Special attributes that were apparent more than 100 years ago are relevant today.

It is truly irreplaceable, for a list of reasons.

The Waterfall is within Butedale’s privately owned lands.

The Bay receiving the cascade of fresh water is part of Butedale.

A large lake above Butedale is a permitted hydro-power source.

Primary marine arteries of the inside passage intersect near this location.

Historically Butedale was a self-powered cannery village that became seasonal home to 400 people. Steamships and fishing fleets tied up in Butedale Bay.

Today, the sheltered waterways of BC’s Inside Passage have become a magnet for maritime travelers who come to the Great Bear for its natural treasures.

Initially, Inside Passage Marine purchased rare freehold land, water rights and hydro electric licenses at Butedale.

Water Rights and Hydro-electric Licenses are important elements of the Development Package.

When restoration is completed, the system should be capable of producing 1000 KW aka 1MW of green hydro-electric power.

Power sufficient to supply Butedale Bay Marina (part of an approved plan) and proposed Upland Estates on Butedale’s freehold lands.

Following the initial purchases, the company spent several years assembling and permitting a complete development package.

There is no other fully comparable property in the Great Bear.

We are committed to careful selection of a participant to accelerate the project.

The successful candidate should have an understanding of the special attributes of the Great Bear Area and the property

INSIDE PASSAGE MARINE CORPORATION- BUTEDALE :Located on the Inside Passage, Princess Royal Island (Home of the Spirit Bear), Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact Shawn Kennedy
Inside Passage Marine Corp. CEO.,


C: 604 649-1665


National Geographic visiting Butedale