B.C. Marine Parks is a name you recognize and one that conjures up great memories and mental images. But, B.C. Marine Parks Forever Society is probably a name not as recognizable and should be. Through the work of the B.C. Marine Parks Forever Society, marine parks in British Columbia have been expanded and made more accessible. Their financial support enables land acquisitions for new or expanded marine parks. Through their work and support, stern-tie pins, chains, and plates have been installed in many of the most popular parks.

All this, thanks to financial donations from organizations, yacht clubs, and individual boaters like you.

B.C. Marine Parks – New Installations

Installations at Melanie Cove, Prideaux Haven, Smugglers Cove and Halkett Bay came about through the Forever Society working directly with B.C. Parks. As of December 31, 2017, the Society picked up 100 percent of the $45,000 project for stern-tie installations. In 2018, more than 100 new pins, chains, and ID plates are scheduled to be installed in eight marine parks at an estimated cost of $70,000. The 2018 project includes the following new pins, 20 at Copeland Islands Marine Park; eight at Grace Harbour MP; 18 at Walsh Cove MP; 12 at Rosco Bay; 8-10 at Galley Bay; eight to ten at Teakerne Arm; 20 at Laura Cove; and five at Tenedos Bay.

Design for the Pins and Chains

A standard design for the pins and chains was selected based on a study provided by a qualified engineering firm paid for by the Society. Boaters using these installations will notice that the pins are anchored above the high-tide line to which a length of chain is attached long enough to reach the low-tide level. There is no ring attached to the chain.  The chains have large links that allow stern-tie lines to pass through a link at any position along the chain. This design makes it easier for boaters to attach their stern line at all tide levels. As boaters, we all love marine parks, which are often full during the busy summer months. Additional stern-tie installations at these popular, beautiful marine parks help ensure that everyone gets a chance to experience these very special destinations.

If there are no stern-tie pins, find a secure object on shore such as a rock or downed log. Have a length of disposable line to form a loop around the object, then run your stern-tie line through the loop so that you can release your stern-tie line from the boat. Attaching stern-tie lines to live trees is illegal throughout B.C. Parks, do not stern-tie to live trees.

B.C. Parks Forever Society

Part of the Society’s ongoing work is the acquisition of islands and island property for future marine parks. The Forever Society is currently negotiating the purchase of a 6-acre island in the Harmony Islands group near the mouth of Jervis Inlet. The eastern side of the island, closest to the mainland, is completely protected and is an ideal location for moorage.  Past acquisitions by the Forever Society include Octopus Island, Smugglers Cove, Jedediah Island, Pirates Cove, Wakes Cove, and Wallace Island among other locations; these islands continue to be favorite destinations on both sides of the international border.

The B.C. Marine Parks Forever Society was formed in 1990 to assist B.C. Parks in protecting recreational boating interests and to raise funds for the purchase of B.C. Marine Parks and other programs like the Stern-tie Program. The B.C. Parks Department approached the Council of BC Yacht Clubs in 1989 to set up a “charitable organization” for such a purpose. Members of the Society are volunteers and work hard to protect the interests of all boaters from kayaks to sailboats and yachts.

Support B.C. Marine Parks Forever Society

We at Waggoner Cruising Guide encourage fellow boaters to support the B.C. Marine Parks Forever Society, which is committed to making improvements that enhance the boating experience. The Forever Society is a Canada non-profit organization.

To learn more about the Society and their work, go to their website  Financial contributions can be sent to B.C. Marine Parks Forever Society, 400 Newcastle Avenue, Nanaimo, B.C. V9S 4J1 Canada. Donations coming from the U.S., with a requested tax donation receipt, can be sent to American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts, 702 Kentucky Street #663, Bellingham, WA  98225; you can request that your contribution is applied to the B.C. Marine Parks Forever Society Stern-tie Program. Contact Sandra Tassel at 360-515-7171 or info@aoclt.org  for assistance concerning U.S. donations.


~ Lorena and Leonard Landon, Managing Editors Waggoner Cruising Guide