It is hard to cruise on the Inside Passage to Alaska and not think about its history. The history of man traveling up or down this waterway, first by tribal canoe, then boats from ferries to cruise ships, or on a fish boat headed north for a lucrative summer of fishing before heading south and home in the fall. The Inside Passage is the highway of the coast where so many dreams are fulfilled while cruising northward, and then again returning south at the end of the season.

When headed north, progress is measured by the towns and passages along the way: Port McNeill, Port Hardy, rounding Cape Caution, then on to Shearwater/Bella Bella, Klemtu, Hartley Bay and the old fishing cannery town of Butedale. One more big passage through the wild and remote areas of Northern BC to Prince Rupert and you’re within reach of the border to Southeast Alaska.

On my first trip up the Inside Passage I had read about this special place called Butedale. Formerly, a cannery town full of activity, with fish boats coming and going and larger vessels arriving to take on a load of canned salmon destined for markets around the world. Butedale was unique with large Bute Lake offering plenty of freshwater and hydro power – the lake water would plummet down a waterfall and join the Inside Passage. The hydro power was enough for thousands of light bulbs, and the town of Butedale was lit up like a Christmas tree, day and night, to keep a load on the hydro generators.

Eventually, Butedale was a victim of progress. Refrigeration on boats meant a catch could be packed in ice and sent to markets as a fresh catch. Eventually, everyone moved from the town and the cannery closed down, but the hydro generators still spun. The light bulbs were left on to keep a load on the generators. When ships passed by, Butedale shown bright through the night, looking like it did 100 years before. But now there was only one resident, a caretaker to watch over what was left of the town.

My first encounter with Butedale was on my first inside passage trip on an old fish boat headed to Ketchikan. It was at night and I had set my alarm to wake up just to see the lights of the old town I had read about many years before. There she stood, with thousands of lights reflecting on the waters of Butedale Bay. You could see the old buildings barely standing upright and the cottages where families once lived on the hillside. You could feel what was once the vibrancy of a forgotten town, now reduced to a ghost town, awaiting a future use.

Butedale is in the process of a re-incarnation. Inside Passage Marine Corporation bought the town and assembled the rights to the adjacent parcels. They took down the dilapidated buildings and restored the wood beamed warehouse for a future use as a pavilion or exhibition hall. The property has the beginnings of a new life.

This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of Butedale, a historic and beautiful location along the Inside Passage on Princess Royal Island in British Columbia, Canada. It has abundant fresh water and existing hydro capability. It is ideally situated between Prince Rupert and Shearwater/Bella Bella. The property is pristine and is part of the Great Bear Rainforest. Bald eagles, bears and spirit bears visit the site, and even whales stop to breach and play in its pure waters.

Butedale has tremendous potential as a marina, or a resort, ideal for those who love the feel of remoteness with easy access. It can be reached by boat, private yacht, or by aircraft from Terrace, BC via a commuter flight, helicopter, or seaplane.

Inside Passage Marine Corporation is looking for unique individuals or a group, who would like to take the next steps to develop Butedale into a special compound or resort, be it private or public, and serve as the next caretakers for this beautiful property.

How cool would it be to own your own waterfall?!

Listed at $4.8M USD for the entire development package, or Inside Passage Marine Corp. will consider co-development. For more information about this unique property and the investment opportunity, contact Christies International, Faith Wilson Realty Group. Or learn more at: Additional background information on Butedale Bay is available from Mark Bunzel at Waggoner Marine Group, email