SeaKeepers has partnered with The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO in the “Seabed 2030 Project,” a collaborative effort to map the world’s oceans by the year 2030. Launched at the United Nations Ocean Conference in 2017, the project coordinates and oversees the sourcing and compilation of bathymetric data through its five data centers into the freely available GEBCO Grid, to produce a definitive map of the world ocean floor. Seabed 2030 is aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #14 to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources, as well as being a flagship program of the Ocean Decade.

How Can You Help?

SeaKeepers is engaging with privately-owned vessels to increase the knowledge of the ocean by sharing depth measurements from navigation instruments while out at sea. Using a compact, lightweight logger device which easily plugs into the existing vessel navigation system, depth measurements that help scientists identify uncharted features such as seamounts and canyons; verify charted information; and help fill spaces on charts where no data exists are collected automatically while the vessel circulates.

Yachts explore less commercially travelled areas where data from the ocean is sparse, non-existent, or of poor quality. These are exactly the places where the contribution of global seafloor mapping efforts can have the greatest impact. Join the DISCOVERY Yacht Fleet by submitting an application, here.

About The International SeaKeepers Society

SeaKeepers is a non-profit organization based in Miami, Florida that promotes oceanographic research, conservation, and education through direct involvement with the yachting community. Providing educational resources and hands-on marine science experiences to students is the primary focus for ensuring the future wellbeing of our planet. SeaKeepers enables the yachting community to take full advantage of their unique potential to advance marine sciences and raise awareness about global ocean issues.

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