After the successful purchase of historic Lakebay Marina through the cooperative efforts between DNR (State Department of Natural Resources) and RBAW (Recreational Boating Association of Washington), cleanup activity has begun at Lakebay Marina. The Purchase-Sale Agreement closed on December 28, 2021, with the bulk of the funds coming from State grant monies via the Boating Facilities Grant program, along with donations from yacht clubs, individual boaters, and other organizations.

Phase I, the cleanup phase, includes removing derelict boats from the marina docks that have appeared over the last few years. Once the docks have been cleared, the removal of the old docks, deemed to be unsafe, will begin and continue over the next few months. The cleanup phase also involves removing old fuel tanks and remediating any environmental damage.

Phase II involves permitting and installation of new docks, expected to take 2-3 years before the new dock facilities are available to the boating public. In the meantime, moorage at Lakebay Marina is closed. Future amenities at the marina include utilities, a new boat ramp, pumpout, and a new fuel dock. Upland amenities are planned to include picnic areas, public restrooms, and spaces for social gatherings. Over the next several months, RBAW will be seeking public input on priorities for amenities and services at Lakebay Marina.

Photo of historic building on the pier at Lakebay Marina

Located adjacent to Penrose Point State Park in Mayo Cove on the Key Peninsula, Lakebay Marina and its 17.5 acres of uplands and tideland property surrounding the marina is a jewel that thankfully is being refurbished and preserved for continued public recreational access. Bob Wise, President of RBAW, notes that the ultimate goal is to turn the property over to the State Parks and Recreation Commission to operate as part of a network of Puget Sound marine parks.

Funding for future development and construction at Lakebay Marina is ongoing and much needed to continue the rebuild in a timely manner. Applications for additional grants are being sought, and RBAW is offering naming rights to slips for $20,000 each. Would you like to have your yacht club’s name on a slip? or perhaps your family name? – for this once in a lifetime opportunity, contact RBAW regarding making tax-deductible donations to their nonprofit 501(c)(3) Marine Parks Conservancy. RBAW welcomes all contributions large or small. RBAW is a large organization with over 10,000 individual boaters and 50 clubs, promoting the interests of boaters in Washington State. To learn more, see the RBAW website and the RBAW Marine Parks Conservancy.