Have you found yourself desperate for a pumpout? The boat that is, or have you created an itinerary but forgot to account for necessary pumpout stops. Thanks to the Pumpout Nav App, boaters have a quick, easy way to look-up the location of pumpout facilities throughout Washington’s inside marine waters, including Puget Sound, Hood Canal, and North Puget Sound to the border of Canada.

The app uses the boater’s location to suggest the nearest pumpout stations shown on a map, or in the form of a list. The iOS and Android app is interactive and easy to use. You can specifically look for stationary pumpout facilities, portable toilet dump stations, or look for mobile pumpout services. What if you find a station that’s not working? The app has that covered too; you can report any issues regarding a pumpout facility through the app. Reporting needed maintenance with the app means a quicker turn-around for pumpout maintenance and repairs. The app is free and can be downloaded at https://pumpoutwashington.org/

Pumpout Nav App with 3 different screen shots showing location of pumpout station

The app was created under the Clean Vessel Act Program in collaboration with Washington Sea Grant, part of the University of Washington College of the Environment, and Washington State Parks Clean Vessel Program. Aaron Barnett, with Washington Sea Grant, manages Pumpout Washington, which was launched in 2012. Aaron works with boat owners, marina operators, and port managers to help keep our waters clean. For more information go to https://wsg.washington.edu/ or contact Aaron at pumpouts@uw.edu.

By Law, all of Puget Sound waters up to the Canadian border is a No Discharge Zone. Since it is illegal to discharge black water (treated or untreated) anywhere in Washington’s inside waters, pumpout stations have become a necessity. New pumpout stations, along with mobile pumpout services, have continued to be developed over the last 2-3 years and are welcome services for boaters.