Haida Gwaii

The islands of Haida Gwaii are located 65-100 miles off the northern Mainland Coast of British Columbia, depending on your departure point. Remote and pristine, this long chain of islands is the original home of the Haida People, known for their great culture and extensive travel by canoe up and down the West Coast. The largest island, Graham Island, is home to the town of Queen Charlotte with guest moorage at the Harbour Authority docks. Across Skidegate Inlet on Moresby Island is the community of Sandspit and its harbour, offering guest moorage, which is near the airport. The southern islands of Haida Gwaii encompass the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve / Haida Heritage Site. A permit and orientation are required to visit the park, which includes four village heritage sites: Tanu Island, Hotspring Island, Windy Bay, and Anthony Island (SGang Gwaay). SGang Gwaay is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the highlight of Gwaii Haanas, with original mortuary poles remaining along the shore. A Watchman is stationed at each heritage site to welcome visitors ashore and explain the history of the area. For updates and the latest news regarding this fascinating area, see the Waggoner updates table below.