Hood Canal

Cruising Hood Canal affords terrific views of the Olympic Mountains, and yet it remains largely undiscovered. Despite its fairly straight 65-mile length with few protected anchorages, most boaters in Hood Canal don’t realize that shrimping, oyster gathering, clamming, and fishing can be outstanding. Beyond catching seafood, historic Port Gamble charms with its intriguing museum, restaurants, and small shops on the tree-lined main street of this company town. Pleasant Harbor is as it sounds—a restful destination (except during shrimping season) with a well-appointed resort marina. Several state parks worth a visit are scattered up and down the canal. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll see a nuclear submarine surface off the starboard bow.

Top Destinations

Hood Canal

Port Gamble • Dabob Bay • Pleasant Harbor • Alderbrook

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Shell Shocked in Port Gamble

Shell Shocked in Port Gamble

Tom Rice’s great grandparents moved to Port Gamble in 1858, long before Washington became a state in 1889. They were one of the many families to move to the company town from East Machias, Maine to work for Puget Mill Company’s sawmill in Port Gamble. When the mill...

Less Traveled Anchorages Lend New Discoveries

Less Traveled Anchorages Lend New Discoveries

 If you’re looking for less traveled anchorages and some interesting cruising, consider a trip to “Hood Head,” an area around the Hood Canal Bridge where you will find several anchorages of interest. Let’s start with Bywater Bay, located north...

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