Waggoner offers handy printable downloads to take with you on your boat. These downloads provide emergency radio procedures, weather checklists, fuel-dock locations, and more. Print these off before you go and bring them aboard! Or, even better, go green and save a copy to your mobile device.

Special Download Instructions

Downloads from our eBook store is a bit unusual, so follow these instructions closely and you’ll be underway (or under sail!).

  1. Click/tap the content you’d like from the options below.
  2. Click/tap the “Add to Cart” button.
  3. Head to the Cart to complete your order as if you were making a purchase. Don’t worry, you’re not providing any payment info.
  4. Once your “order” is complete, you’ll see “Downloads” followed by a link to download your content.  Click/tap that and save it. Done!

Note: The process would need to be repeated if you do not use the Download link upon completion of the “order.”

Downloads for Transit Through B.C. Waters During COVID

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