Hi to all,

Do you know if the “new” Pierre’s has water available for visiting boaters?

We will be cruising the Broughtons in September without a water maker, so we’re trying to plan the trip.

Karen Minkus


Hi, Karen,

Pierre’s, as with the other marinas in the Broughtons, has a “boil water advisory” for its water. Headed north, we fill our tanks at Blind Channel Resort, where we overnight between the sets of rapids. It’s pure spring water, filtered and UV-treated, and it’s wonderful. Their restaurant is good, too.

Once up there, you can get excellent water at Sointula, Alert Bay, Port McNeill or Port Hardy. In all cases, we consider it bad form to pull up, take water and leave. We overnight.

We don’t have a water maker either, and our boat’s tanks aren’t set up for cleaning. Since our boat is a 1979 model, my wife Marilynn is concerned about what might have established housekeeping in those tanks. For drinking water and cooking, we fill several one-gallon plastic containers when we fill the tanks.

The Broughtons in September should be a delight. Have a good time.

Bob Hale

Karen’s Reply

Thanks, Bob!

We agree—pulling up, taking water and leaving is bad form. If we can’t stay for some reason, we always find a way to compensate.

Like you, we do not use the water tanks (especially on a charter vessel) to drink from—those one-gallon containers are great options.

Love the Waggoner. Thanks for all your hard work!


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