Would you like to join our Southeast Alaska Flotilla on our mothership? We have an open cabin on our Marquis 65 lead boat to Alaska. This is your chance to learn and observe the trip from our lead boat. We will leave Anacortes on May 16 and should arrive in Ketchikan around June 3rd. You can ride along for part of the trip or all of the upbound leg and even continue on to Juneau. You will see firsthand how a trip is run with route planning, navigation, and the operation of a yacht by an experienced crew. Mark Bunzel will captain the yacht with Margaret Pommert as first mate, both experienced instructors who love to teach. We will ask that you share some of the boat expenses for the trip and some of the duties on the boat, such as line handling and help in the galley.

We also have ride along cabins on our southbound leg, which will leave from Ketchikan around mid-June and arrive in the San Juan Islands around July 3rd. This will be an express trip with minimal stops, taking in the full vistas of the Inside Passage. While underway, Mark will have plenty of time to share knowledge on how to make this trip with your own vessel.

We also offer a flotilla lite for the express trip down. If you need to get back from Alaska quickly in late June, let us know and join us for a nominal charge. You will get to travel with a fun group and learn more about how to cruise one of the most beautiful passages in the world. We will be watching every day for bears, eagles, and whales – and most likely, we will see plenty.

For more information call Mark at the Waggoner Office, 360-299-8500.