The Waggoner Guide is moving to a new format and schedule for Thursday night shows starting in January. We are taking the next three months off to remodel the Seattle Boat Show LIVE format, with presentations restarting on Thursday, January 6th.

“We started Seattle Boat Show LIVE in March of 2020 as a means of providing information to the boating community about the restrictions and closures as a result of the Covid Pandemic. The show has been a success, and many have benefited from our updates for the boating community, and our interviews with interesting people and topics in the boating world,” said Mark Bunzel, Publisher of the Waggoner Cruising Guide.  “People valued our updates and found the new information on marinas and destinations to be of vital importance. We were one of the first to report on how cruisers could Transit-Through Canadian waters on their way to Alaska last season during the pandemic,” said Lorena Landon, Managing Editor, of the Waggoner Cruising Guide.

Leonard Landon, also Managing Editor for the Waggoner Cruising Guide added, “Our mission is to provide timely information for the boating community. Our social media and the webcasts allow us to do that on a regular basis. We are pleased that the boating community often compliments our efforts in this area.”

Watch for the new Waggoner Guide webcasts starting on Thursday nights in January between 7pm – 8pm.