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Crossing Cape Caution.

Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 9

Time to Cross Cape Caution

Day 9 – Sunday, Memorial Day

While everyone groaned about getting up at 4:30 a.m. for, the 5 a.m. crossing of Cape Caution and past Egg Island, it turned out to be one of the smoothest I have taken with a mere several-inch chop. At Egg Island, we talked to the lighthouse keeper who told us about the snow and rain through most of the spring – more than he has seen in his 14 years on the “rock.”

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After a smooth trip, we all arrived at Fury Cove. The five boats from NW Explorations were kind enough to raft up together leaving more room in the cove for anchorage. Our group had a potluck on the beach followed by a 7 p.m. memorial service around the bonfire organized by Brian Pemberton and NW Explorations where we all got to remember someone special who has passed on. After the bonfire ceremony and the retirement of a tattered American flag, someone brought out a fine single malt scotch to toast those who are no longer with us.

~Mark Bunzel

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