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Cinnamon buns at Port Harvey Marine Resort.

Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 7

Pierre’s Echo Bay Lodge and Marina

Departure was initially set for 7 a.m. from Port Harvey until George informed us that fresh, hot, cinnamon buns would not be available until 7:30 a.m. At the risk of stronger currents in Chatham Channel, we delayed our departure choosing the Cinnamon Buns over a safe passage. The cinnamon buns were worth it, and one of our boats chose the safe approach and had their cinnamon buns delivered by boat pole and a bucket. 

Spotting Bears and Whales

Upon departure, a bear was spotted on the beach, and we all pulled over to watch. Yup, a further delay.

We took Chatham Channel 2 hours after slack on the ebb (90% of flow rate). We had about 4-5 knots of current pulling us through in the narrow section. This is an area with a laminar flow, and there was no turbulence from the current in the water.

We continued past the almost forgotten town of Minstrel Island. The buildings and docks are slowly decaying, and no one is there.

Whale watching in British Columbia.Near Blackfish Sound we stopped to watch several Humpback Whales sounding and feeding. We then proceeded on to be greeted for our arrival at Pierre’s Echo Bay Marina Resort by Pierre and Echo.

Pierre's at Echo Bay

Pierre’s at Echo Bay

Pierre welcomed us and gave us a tour of the new addition to his resort and marina. The store has been expanded, and the area between the store and the dining hall is covered. This is a favored area to gather during the day for the best WiFi service and will now be an indoor/outdoor lounge area. The dining hall has also been expanded – by 12 feet – and allows for more table space. There will now be more room for diners at their famous Pig Roasts, Prime Rib Dinners and Halibut and Chips Dinners. 

What will Pierre think of next for his popular resort and marina?

Visiting Billie Proctor’s Museum in Echo Bay.

We organized a hike to Billy Proctor’s Museum and a chance to talk to Billie, who is 83 and still going strong with stories and tales of the area.

Special Dinners at Pierre’s

The evening was a special “All You Can Eat” Crab and Prawns dinner provided by Pierre’s Echo Bay and the Waggoner Flotilla. The B.C. Spot Prawns were excellent and the crab too. It was all complemented by side dishes and desserts from each of the crews.

Nikki from Becoming Wild adventures.

Music was provided by Lisa from the crew of “Ancient Murrelet” and Nikki from Becoming Wild eco-ventures gave a presentation on what it is like to spend 18 months in the bush as a survivalist in this area. Her stories are intriguing and remind us all of how good we have it to have almost everything available to keep us comfortable and fed.

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The evening ended with a visit to the “Waggoner Guide Hot Tub,” a wood-fired hot tub sitting up on the hillside overlooking the marina and the bay.

~Mark Bunzel

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