Relaxing on the deck at Port Harvey.

Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 6

Johnstone Strait to Port Harvey

Day 6

Friday –  We made a last minute change in routing (thank you Mark Schmurler M/V The Bunkhouse). On Thursday night the forecast was for light winds in the morning and 20-25+ knots during the afternoon on Johnstone Strait. Our routing for a 9:30 a.m. departure for the best currents at Greene Pt. Rapids and Whirlpool Rapids was already a compromise. Plus this would put us out on Johnstone Strait between 1 p.m. and as late as 3 p.m. when the winds were predicted to increase.

Change in Route

We switched to a 5 a.m. departure (at dawn) down Mayne Channel and a 30-mile passage on Johnstone Strait instead of a 15-mile run. This worked. While the water was turbulent in Current Channel, it smoothed out to a ripple for most of Johnstone Strait. We arrived at Port Harvey at around 10 a.m. just as Sam Landsman’s flotilla was leaving. The sun broke through the overcast and the wind picked up on Johnstone Strait around 11 a.m. It would have been a very uncomfortable ride if we were still out there.

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Port Harvey Marine Resort

Our group hung out all day under sunny skies in Port Harvey Marine Resort. A few went to check out a prawn spot and came back with a modest catch suitable for cocktails. Some went crabbing right off the dock. Many took naps after the early morning start. For dinner, we tried out the new wood-fired pizza oven George built from a kit imported from Italy. As usual, George has ambitious plans for the new restaurant with a stone fireplace and a pine slatted ceiling. We dined in the room in its current condition and the pizza was great. I look forward to seeing the new Red Shoe Restaurant when it is finished in June. We hope some of the readers of Waggoner eNews will send us pictures as they pass through.

View of Pierre's at Echo Bay from the water. Our Next Stops

Next, we head to Pierre’s at Echo Bay with a more leisurely 7 a.m. departure. Next day is Port McNeill and we are already watching ahead for the weather for our open ocean crossing past Cape Caution. The forecast for Monday morning is for light winds – perfect!

~Mark Bunzel

To see a map of where we have been and where we are:

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