Cruising through Dent Rapids.

Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 5

Dent Rapids to Johnstone Strait

Day 5

Thursday – Clears skies and brilliant sunshine made for a beautiful cruise up Lewis and Calm Channel. Timing was important. This was the day of a new moon, with the strongest tides of the month. We had to hit it right for slack at Dent Rapids. To do this we had to go through Yuculta Rapids up to 45 minutes early with a 3.5 know current. There were whirlpools and eddies in the water.

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The Rapids

Approaching the rapids, there were a lot of dead small fish in the water. They had been sucked down deep into the rapids when running at full force and their stomachs ruptured and then they floated to the surface. This happens often when the currents are running at their full speed. We passed through Gillard Passage with some turbulence in the water and then proceeded to the most dangerous area – Dent Rapids and Devils Hole. We went thru pretty much at the forecasted time for slack. We could see the water still boiling and we did not want to be there when the rapids were running at their full force of 10-11 knots.

As we approached Shoal Bay, a bear was spotted swimming in the water towards East Thurlow Island. We watched as the bear made his way to shore and foraged on the beach before resting behind a rock.

Cordero Lodge

We proceeded past Cordero Lodge, which is now closed. The owner died last spring of cancer and shortly afterward the property was severely vandalized. The signs are still up appearing to give life to the closed restaurant and marina, and while there are no For Sale signs, we’ve been told the property is for sale. It is not clear what the future might be for this once popular marina destination.

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We continued to turn the corner onto Mayne Channel through white caps and turbulent water down to the Blind Channel Resort’s marina. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, cleaning the salt off boats and hiking to the 800-year-old cedar. We dined (on the first day of the season) at Cedars Post Restaurant and Galley with the new chef Bruce and had Anna and Eliot serving our group of 20. Dinner that evening was a choice of Schnitzel or Halibut and was very good. Afterward, most headed to bed to prepare for the 4:30 a.m. wake up for the 5 a.m. start.

Johnstone Strait

Next, we head out onto Johnstone Strait at 5 a.m. hoping for light winds. The Oceanis 48 sailboat, Allusion, is hoping for plenty of wind! You can’t please everybody but we are trying.

~Mark Bunzel

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