Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 3

Silva Bay to Pender Harbour

Day 3

Tuesday – One of our boats found they had a problem with their radar.  On Day 1 in the fog, it didn’t work, and he tucked up close behind Sea Raven to follow us through the fog bank. After a sunny and uneventful cruise to Page’s Resort & Marina in Silva Bay, we started to diagnose the problem.

Radar Issues

The first question to help diagnose the problem,“What was the last thing you had done to the boat before this problem appeared?” Mike had a new canvas for his fly bridge. On the radar mount were six new screw holes for snaps. Mike decided to go to Nanaimo and see if he could get this fixed. We recommended The Harbour Chandler, (Thanks, Dianne) who recommended a marine electronics specialist.

The tech was booked up for weeks, and this happened to be the first day back to work after a long holiday weekend. He happened to be working on a boat on the same dock as Mike’s boat and offered to “just take a look….”. Sure enough, the radar cable had six new holes drilled in it. The tech took on the challenge and ten hours later with two used Raymarine cables tried, and Mike had a brand new chart plotter and radar installed. Raymarine does not stock parts for a 10-year-old system. So a new system was the only answer on short notice. More time and a used cable might have been found on eBay.

View of John Henry's Marina in Pender Harbour.Weather Forecast

Meanwhile, the rest of us had an almost glassy crossing of Georgia Strait to Pender Harbour and John Henry’s Resort & Marina. We got to the dock and an hour later, and the winds started to howl in the bright sunshine. This was forecast, and we were fine with forecasts of winds up to 40 km per hour. By midnight it had blown through. Meanwhile, our weather briefing was tentative. Winds were forecast to be pretty strong right through the morning. Dinner on the outside deck at John Henry’s Resort & Marina was moved inside due to the high winds. A good casual dinner in tight surroundings for our group.

~Mark Bunzel


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