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Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska

 Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 19


Day 20 – Friday

This was the last official day of the flotilla trip. We organized a bus trip up to Totem Bight State Historical Park to see the totem and clanhouse. The bus is the most economical way to get there. The price went up this year. The all day pass is now $2.00 per ride or $5 to ride all day, a bargain. We toured Totem Bight State Park and then the private Potlatch Park just a few hundred feet walk to the south. This has more totems and carvings on display, an antique car collection, and a good gift store.

That evening we had our final farewell dinner at the Baranoff Fish House. We started with an optional chart talk and Q&A session to cover questions for those planning the next couple of weeks in SE Alaska and then dove into excellent fish and chips. We also had a few birthdays to celebrate with cake and candles. 

The farewell dinner in Ketchikan Alaska.

~Mark Bunzel

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