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Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 15

Bishop Bay Hot Springs

Day 15 – Sunday

On the way up to Princess Royal Channel, we stopped at Butedale and Corry was there to meet us. The new ramp to shore installed in 2016 is a huge improvement, and the docks were good.

The docks at Butedale in British Columbia.

The new ramp at the Butedale docks.

Our crew took a tour of the generator house. One of the sluices failed two weeks ago due to age and the heavy load from the rains and the water flow is now just a trickle. The snow and rain have broken records this past winter and spring.

We continued on to Bishop Bay and Bishop Bay Hot Springs and the Monkey Point Conservancy. We got everyone organized where the small boats double rafted to the dock and the large boats grabbed one of the three mooring balls or anchored with a stern tie. One converted fishing boat offered our 48’ Beneteau to raft for the night. Liberty came in just south of the dock where he found the shelf and 90’ sloping to 30’ and did an up slope anchorage with a stern-tie.

Boats at the docks at Bishop Bay Hot Springs.

The flotilla at the docks at Bishop Bay Hot Springs.

A few of the flotilla crew scrambled up to the hot springs passing a sign noting that a lone wolf was spotted walking through the campground that morning. We noticed a new sign and honor box.

New signage at Bishop Bay Hot Springs.

The Conservancy is suggesting a $20 donation for moorage on the dock and a $10 donation for the mooring balls or coming ashore to use the hot springs.

Those that didn’t visit the hot springs, began setting up tables for that night’s potluck dinner. Chairs were brought out and the food just kept coming. Salads, fresh-caught and grilled rockfish, tamale pie, beef, lemon cake, berry cheesecake and more! Yum.

Potluck dinner at Bishop Hot Springs.

Potluck at the docks at Bishop Bay Hot Springs.

 After dinner, others went up to soak in the hot tub and a whale popped up just 100 yards from our boats to round out the evening.

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~Mark Bunzel

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