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 Sand Art at Pruth Bay.

Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 10

Pruth Bay

Day 10 – Tuesday

From Fury Cove, it was smooth and short 20 mile run to Pruth Bay. We stopped there to take the hike to the beautiful West Beach. They many of us took the more challenging hike and trail to North Beach facing Hakai Pass. This hike is longer with a lot of climbing over roots or stairs with ropes for assistance. It is a good workout with the beautiful and remote North Beach at the end. For this day the waters on the north side were pretty smooth, a good sign for our passage through Hakai Pass the next day. We walked back through the beautiful grounds of the Hakai Institute. As boaters, we are blessed to have Eric Peterson and Christina Munck for their generously sharing of this unique property and facilities.

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Pruth Bay offers internet service across the bay from their array of 9 satellite antennas. For our stay, we could see a signal but could not connect. That evening we all had dinner on our own boats.

~Mark Bunzel

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