Cutaway of a forced air heater by Espar.

Selecting a Diesel Heating System: Part 2

Like everything else on a boat, heating presents some challenges that can be difficult and expensive to overcome; available space for equipment and ducting, access to outside air, multiple cabins to heat. The old cliché that there’s more than one way to skin a cat is spot on when it comes to marine diesel heaters.…


Mosquitos on the Boat – Tips for Keeping Them Away

I live with someone who does not get bitten by mosquitos nearly as much as I do. I’ve been told  I have “sweet blood” and that is why they are more attracted to me than other people. While I am never one to turn down a compliment, I had to get to the bottom of this.…


Ports and Passes Skipper’s Logbook – Everything You Need in a Logbook

NEW !!!! Ports and Passes Skipper’s Logbook !!!! NEW Many northwest cruisers have talked about the need for a new design for a logbook that covers the information they want and need, and not a lot of information that is no longer relevant. Chyna Sea, the publishers of the popular Ports and Pass Tides & Currents book,…


Selecting a Diesel Heating System: Part 1

The Pacific Northwest is one of the premier cruising destinations in the world, and for good reason. There are so many anchorages and small coves to explore that it would take more than a lifetime to explore them all. So to see as many of them as possible in your lifetime, you have to extend…


Carved Boardwalk Planks Being Replaced at Hot Springs Cove BC

In the fall of 2018, BC Provincial Parks will begin a project to replace and widen the failing boardwalk at Hot Springs Cove. Located on the West side of Vancouver Island, this remote park site was originally accessible only by boat. Today, a number of Tofino based tour operators bring large numbers of visitors to…

Deep Cove Public Wharf and North Shore Marina.

Day Tripping to British Columbia’s Deep Cove in Indian Arm

The Creek Marina (formerly Mosquito Creek Marina) in North Vancouver served us well as a base of operations for a planned day-trip to Indian Arm. A local’s favorite cruising ground, Indian Arm is one of the most scenic areas in Greater Vancouver. The Coast Range Mountains rise 5,000 feet over the inlet. From Vancouver Harbour,…


Steveston Rediscovered

  After a few days editing for the Waggoner Guide and other computer work, we departed North Vancouver for Steveston, rounding Point Grey in a northwesterly wind with 4-foot swells. Numerous commercial and sport fishing boats were off-shore near the North, Middle, and South Arms of the Fraser River. Winding our way through the fishing…

Snow Day in the Pacific Northwest.

Preparing Your Boat for Hibernation

As winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop, Pacific Northwest boaters begin to think about winterizing their vessels. Some hire professionals to do the job and others like to invest a little time doing a portion or all of it themselves. Whatever the case, the process is the same. During most winters the Northwest receives…


Igloo MaxCold Quantum Roller Cooler

I have two prerequisites for a cooler, it has to keep ice frozen for a minimum of four days, and it has to have wheels. I used to have a rolling cooler that tipped from end to end, but it was like a bad slinky, fun to watch but not practical. The ones that tip…

Igloo Cooler Gray

Chatterbox Falls the Easy Way

Lorena – “I sure would like to see Chatterbox Falls again in Princess Louisa Inlet.” Leonard – “Are you sure? It’s 10 nautical miles up Agamemnon Channel, then another 30 nautical miles to Malibu Rapids which becomes a timing issue, and another 4 miles to Chatterbox Falls, plus the time to get back, that’s a 2-3…