A Few Favorite Weather Sites

    I’m a weather geek. Rather than reality TV, I look up the weather and imagine what is going on in some of my favorite areas like the Strait of Georgia, Cape Caution or Dixon Entrance. I love to look at NOAA’s Ocean Prediction Center – Pacific Region for the Current, 24-hour, 48-hour, and 96-hour…


Inside Passage Weather Part 3: Developing the Long Term Outlook

This is part three of a three article series on understanding marine weather reports for a safe and comfortable cruising. Part 1 covered how to understand weather reports delivered via VHF radio and telephone. Part Two covered how to interpret the weather information available online. Part 3 covers how to understand the 4-6 day weather outlook…


Mark Reports: Annapolis Sail and Powerboat Shows

So what is going on in boating on the East Coast of the US? I went to the Annapolis Boat Shows to find out. The Annapolis Boat Show is really two shows. The first show is the United States Sailboat Show, with over 165 sailboats in the water. This year there were more large catamarans…


That Sinking Feeling: Exploring the Depths of Puget Sound

“Would you be interested in joining the OceanGate team on a training dive to 250 feet off Everett, in our five person submersible, the Antipodes?” the email read. My calendar was clear for the day. There was only one possible answer: YES! After filling out a few liability waiver forms—basically signing my life away—I was…


Welcome to the new WaggonerGuide.com

Welcome to our new home on the Internet! The new WaggonerGuide.com combines the best features of our old website and Waggoner’s Pacific Northwest Boating online magazine. New features: New design. Easy to navigate, easy on the eyes. Frequently updated. Expect new articles, destination updates, cruising reports, and more to be posted every few days. Comments.…


Sailing in the August Wind Storm

Remember that wind storm at the end of August? Steve Purcell, one of my neighbors at the marina, thought it would be a great opportunity to sail up Rosario Strait, from Watmough Bay on Lopez Island to Sucia Island. With winds gusting over 50 knots, he had quite a ride. Here’s the video… August 29…


An Unexpected Cruise

One of the joys of living aboard is the ability to easily get away on the boat. There’s no packing or schlepping, no loading and unloading the car—no hassle, really. So last Wednesday evening, right after the electrician finished installing my new inverter, I decided to head out to the islands for a night. I’d be…


Office Aboard

One the thing that attracted me to the Nordic Tug 37 was the large chart table in the pilothouse. No, I wasn’t that interested in using paper charts—I grew up boating with electronic charts—but I liked the large, flat surface. A perfect standing desk, I thought. But after some use with my laptop I discovered…


Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia

“Nothing can replace local knowledge and Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia provides excellent local knowledge from a seasoned research and writing team. The Douglasses have personally researched several thousand anchor sites over the entire coast.” George Eaton, Director, Hydrography, Pacific Region, Canadian Hydrographic Service Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia takes seafaring…

Exploring North Coast of British Columbia

New Shuttle Connects Cowichan Bay and Mill Bay

Beginning July 1, a shuttle service will connect Cowichan Bay and Mill Bay, with stops at several wineries, restaurants, and other attractions along the way. Riders pay a single fee and can hop on off at as many places as they’d like during the day. See www.cowichanshuttle.com for details.

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