Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 3 – Pender Harbour

Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 3 Silva Bay to Pender Harbour Day 3 Tuesday – One of our boats found they had a problem with their radar.  On Day 1 in the fog, it didn’t work, and he tucked up close behind Sea Raven to follow us through the fog bank. After a sunny and uneventful cruise…


Day 16- Alaska Flotilla 2017 – Whales!

Day 16 of the Alaska Flotilla – Whales!!! We’ll be beyond the range of internet for many days. But our location will be shown on our boat’s tracker. To see a map of where we have been and where we are: https://share.garmin.com/MarkBunzel Go HERE to check out more of Margaret’s cruising reports. You can also follow the…

Whale Breaching

VHF Securité Call and Malibu Rapids

We recently had the pleasure of boating as paying passengers on a tour boat out of Egmont, BC to Princess Louise Inlet and Chatterbox Falls. We chose to leave our 8-knot boat in Egmont and take the 25-knot tour boat to save time and give us more opportunity to take pictures of this beautiful area…


Landon’s Cruising Report – Weight and Balance

Landon’s Cruising Report – Weight and Balance Departing towards the sea from Millbrook Cove in Smith Sound, we once again met 6-foot swells at 10-second intervals.  Finishing the third segment of rounding Cape Caution, we entered the relatively protected waters of Fitz Hugh Sound, the beginning of Northern B.C.’s Inside Passage…read more of their adventures HERE.

Exploring West Beach on Calvert Island.
Games at Silva Bay.

Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 2 – Silva Bay

  Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 2 Silva Bay Day 2 Monday – Under the bright sunshine, we departed Salt Spring Marina for a cruise to the Silva Bay, B.C., which is on the outside of Gabriola Island. This way we would avoid having to wait for slack at Dodd Narrows. At our destination, Page’s Resort…


Day 13- Alaska Flotilla 2017 – Weather Change

Day 13 of the Alaska Flotilla – Weather Change Ugly weather is coming. We’re on the right edge of this NOAA surface analysis (under word “GALE”). On the bright side, we’ve banked a weather day,  and we’re not offshore.     We’ll be beyond the range of internet for many days. But our location will be…

Cruising through Belize Inlet.

Landon’s Cruising Report – Mission Accomplished

  Landon’s Cruising Report – Mission Accomplished From Jennis Bay on the western end of The Broughtons, we retraced our steps through Drury Inlet and Wells Passage, entering Queen Charlotte Strait and turned northwest. Blunden Harbour was our destination for the day.  Well protected, Blunden Harbour is a popular stop for boaters who take refuge and wait…


Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 1 – Anacortes to Salt Spring Island

Inside Passage to Alaska Waggoner Guide Flotilla Day 1 – Anacortes to Salt Spring Island Day 1 – Cruising thru the Fog Sunday – We left Cap Sante Marina under sunny skies, but as soon as we rounded Cap Sante rock, we could see the fog in Guemes Channel.   Our flotilla started the day…

Poets Cove Customs

What Can We Bring Across the U.S./Canada Border?

“What can we bring across the U.S./Canada border?” This question is frequently asked by boaters going either direction across the U.S./Canada border both on British Columbia’s southern border with Washington and northern border with Alaska. While the question seems straightforward, it is often difficult to answer quickly and succinctly. Both the U.S. and Canada customs…


Landon’s Cruising Report – Living Among the Islands

Landon’s Cruising Report – Living among the Islands Departing Loughborough Inlet, we entered Johnstone Strait via Chancellor Channel.  Johnstone Strait was rough and choppy as it often is but became settled as we neared Port McNeill.  Port McNeill is a nice place to catch up on rest before crossing Queen Charlotte Strait for the Broughton Island group,…

A clear day in Queen Charlotte Strait.
Cape Caution

Day 9- Alaska Flotilla 2017 – Cape Caution

Day 9 of the Alaska Flotilla – Cape Caution Tomorrow we leave caution behind us! Cape Caution that is. We leave early in the morning, pass the north end of Vancouver Island into the exposed waters of the North Pacific.Often a rough crossing, but we’re hoping that a good weather window stays open long enough for us…


Day 8- Alaska Flotilla 2017 – Alert Bay

Day 8 of the Alaska Flotilla – Alert Bay Chris Carlin helping to move bald eagle from his dinghy to the dock. Check out those talons! Photo: Susan Carlin Bald Eagle rescue! Chris and Susan Carlin, members of our Alaska flotilla, were docked at Alert Bay when a woman suddenly ran up to their boat and said,…