Are you tired of digging to the bottom of a tool bag to find what you need for your boat project? Boat projects are always time consuming and the last thing you want to do is spend time searching through drawers or bins to find the tool you need. If you’re looking for gift ideas for that avid boater in the family, consider a tool bag with vertical pockets on both the inside and outside of the bag. These types of bags keep tools organized and readily accessible, saving time and unnecessary searching through plastic bins to locate the right tool for the project at hand. Anyone who works on boat projects will appreciate a well-designed tool bag; three bags even better! Having multiple bags with pockets is the ultimate solution for efficient use of time – one for electrical supplies, one for general purpose tools, and a roll-up style pocket bag for socket wrenches and open-ended wrenches. Padding on the bottom of many soft-sided tool bags helps protect flooring from being scuffed and scratched, another benefit of these easy to carry bags. Those plastic tool boxes aboard a vessel just won’t cut it – tools are jumbled together at the bottom, and a big plastic box is just awkward to carry. Why not surprise your boating partner this season by helping him or her organize their tools in a new pocket-style tool bag(s). You can find a variety of brands from Fisheries Marine Supply, LFS Marine Supply, and on Amazon or through your local Home Depot.