Did you know that the Waggoner Cruising Guide includes a boating-related theme in each year’s edition? Not only will you find the latest information for marinas, anchorages, passages, and resource material for cruising the Pacific Northwest, you’ll also find interesting reading in our theme sidebar articles, highlighting a different boating theme each year. Some boaters retain these special editions as keepsakes for their Waggoner library.

Waggoner theme editions were introduced in 2018, with a collection of articles covering the Early Explorers of the Pacific Northwest. Readers of this edition gleaned insights about the early explorers who sailed the waters we all cruise today, including Joseph Whidbey, Salvador Fidalgo, Dionisio Galiano, Alessandro Malaspina, Bodega Y Quadra, William Broughton and many other early explorers of our local waters.

2019 was our 25thAnniversary Edition in which we shared a variety of recommended books as supplemental reading. The theme, “Nautical Tales through the Eyes of the Past,” covered the history and events that took place at many of our favorite cruising destinations. Book reviews included Brother XII; Rain People, the Story of Ocean Falls; The Golden Spruce; Sointula Island Utopia; White Slaves of Maquinna; and many other non-fiction books that brought a new appreciation for the places we visit by boat.

You won’t want to miss this year’s 2020 Waggoner Cruising Guide, highlighting “Culinary Destinations.” Did you know that the popular Ajax Café in Irondale reopened and has guest moorage and anchorage? We take you to many other exceptional restaurants and reveal some secret places as well as local favorites. You won’t want to miss our favorite Bakeries of the Inside Passage, along with recipes, markets, and other delights. Looking for new adventures and new places to take your guests this cruising season? Be sure to pick up your copy of the 2020 Waggoner Cruising Guide before heading out with family and friends for the summer.

Lorena & Leonard Landon, Managing Editors
Waggoner Cruising Guide