The popular Ports and Passes – Tides and Currents guide for the Pacific Northwest is now available as a Kindle e-Book from and

Ports and Passes is the single best resource for accurate tide and current predictions, covering Washington Inside waters, British Columbia and SE Alaska. Ports and Passes uses only official tide and current information from the Canadian  Hydrographic Service (CHS) and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). These are the organizations that conduct the tide and current surveys in coastal waters, and ensure quality control of their data. As a result boaters can be assured that the tidal data in Ports and Passes is current and accurate.

The annual Ports and PassesTides and Currents guide is used by serious boaters and professional mariners throughout the Pacific Northwest. Ports and Passes is easy to use and includes all the reference tide and current stations necessary for safe and convenient navigation. The book contains a complete listing of secondary stations and secondary corrections. It is adjusted for daylight saving time and is formatted for the 12-hour clock, a serious convenience over the official Canadian and US government publications.

But Ports and Passes is more than just a tide guide. It also explains how tides work and how to use secondary tables to calculate tides and currents at any secondary station. Finally, Ports and Passes contains local knowledge, services and amenities at various ports and guidance on crossing the Canada/ US border.

The Ports and Passes e-Book is available in three volumes,

Volume 1 – Puget Sound, Juan de Fuca Strait and the San Juan Islands

Volume 2 – Gulf Islands and Strait of Georgia

Volume 3 — West Coast Vancouver Island, BC North Coast, and Southeast Alaska

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Each volume of Ports and Passes – Tides and Currents sells for $5.99 Canadian on and for the equivalent in US dollars on (usually around $4.25 USD). Each volume contains the same introductory material and customs information as the original hard copy, and the tables of secondary stations for the area. For a quick link to the Amazon pages for these e-books, visit and click on the link for “Ports and Passes eBooks”.

Also available in Kindle e-Book format is the Ports and Passes—Current Atlas Tables. The Current Atlas Tables are a companion book for the Canadian Hydrographic Service’s Current Atlas—Juan de Fuca Strait to Strait of Georgia. This current atlas contains 93 two-page current chart of the entire Salish Sea at every possible condition of tidal exchange. The secret to using the Current Atlas is to know which chart represents the state of the tidal currents at any particular time. The Current Atlas provides a method for calculating which current chart to use, but most boaters find it easier to use the Ports and Passes—Current Atlas Tables to quickly find the relevant current chart for any hour of any day for the entire year.

The Ports and Passes—Current Atlas Tables sells for $3.99 CDN on and for the equivalent in US dollars on (about $2.99 USD).

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