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I have a 12 foot inflatable Zodiac that I use for gunk-holing, taking the dog to shore and beach parties. I don’t like to drag it up on the rocks, tie it to a tree or leave it on the beach. One afternoon I was relaxing on Buccaneer Bay Beach, Thormanby Island, and it became quite evident that the savvy dinghy owners had figured it out. It is called the Anchor Buddy.

Anchor Buddy

The Anchor Buddy

The Anchor Buddy is a poly-covered bungee cord that stretches from 14 – 50 feet, it comes in several different colors and is designed for kayaks, personal watercraft and boats up to 4,000 pounds. You will also need a small galvanized folding grapnel anchor and a 50-foot bow line. Simply drop anchor, proceed to shore (the anchor line stretches), step out of your boat with your bowline in hand and the Anchor Buddy pulls your boat out to the anchor site. Then tie the bowline securely on shore, and your boat floats safely off the rocks and shore. When it is time to leave, pull the boat into shore, hop in and the anchor buddy pulls you back out to deeper water where it is safe to drop the engine and continue on your way.

There is a great demo on the Anchor Buddy website. It retails for $40.00 and is available on A folding grapnel anchor is also available and starts at $11.00.

~Missy Gervais

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